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I was planning on telling you about these videos a couple of days ago, and now’s there’s less than 25% left, so I apologise!

PLR Videos

there’s over 50 videos in total and you get the rights to use them all as your own products to sell to others, they comewith full PLR rights.

although you’ll probably want to watch a lot of the videos yourself…

They include: –

  1. How to become a Celebrity Blogger
  2. Creating Web 2.0 Graphics Using Gimp
  3. Outsourcing Your Traffic Production
  4. Selling on eBay
  5. Using Freelance Sites
  6. Using Adobe Photoshop for Newbies
  7. Pro Online Copywriting
  8. Responsive email Marketing

and the price?

just $97 for the whole lot…

PLR Videos

and as my way of helping you to get them up and running for sale as your won products here’s a couple of videos to show you what you need to do: –

Setting up a PLR Product Sales Page : 4 mins 32 seconds

Setting up a PLR Product Download Page : 3 mins 41 seconds

Adding a New PLR Product to PayDotCom : 8 mins 7 seconds

Adding a Payment Button Link to a Sales Page : 5 mins 11 seconds

uploading Files to you website with FileZilla FTP : 6 mins 12 seconds

Finding your affiliate link URL on PayDotCom : 1 mins 31 seconds

some references I make in these videos may not make sense to you as I orginally made these videos as training for using the system, but they will show you everthing you need to do to get your new PLR video products up and running for sale asap, including having an affiliate program so other people can promote them.

PLR Videos

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Comment by Stuart Stirling
2008-11-06 21:44:43

cool videos you have there Matt!!
you’ve got some video making skills.
perhaps some video products
coming from you soon?

Stuart Stirling

Comment by admin
2008-11-07 22:06:49

Hi Stuart,
yup, there’s a couple in the pipeline, just gotta find the time to get them all finished off…


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