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Your New Pagerank

How To Use Your New Pagerank

I’m still recovering from my short “holiday” in Poland, where I not only managed to “lose” my mobile phone, but we also missed our return flight (by 5 hours) as the flight time had been moved without our realizing…

We ended up getting standby places on a flight to another UK airport and hiring a car to drive back to our original airport to then drive home, which made it a looong day!

Google have finally (after 6 months) done a PR update this weekend.

There are a lot varying opinions on it being posted in SEO forums and Google do seem to have penalised some (previously) high PR sites that are known to sell text links.

So what’s my opinion on this PR update?

Well, I’ve had the chance to go through a whole bunch of my sites today and here’s what I’ve seen so far:

some of my higher PR sites (PR 5 & 6) have dropped by 1 PR, but I’m not too surprised as most of these sites I haven’t been working on getting new links to for quite some time, and it shows that if you want to retain and increase your pagerank you do need to treat getting backlinks as an ongoing process.

the sites that I’ve been using, and with have all gone up in PR by 2, 3 or 4 points/places, so I’m pretty happy with the results from these tools.

I’ve also got a bunch of blogs that I’ve done nothing but post content to and these have all either gone up in PR or kept their existing PR.

Those that were PR0 before are all now PR3 or 4 from just posting enough content and letting them pick up links naturally. I will start using the backlink services with these to see how much PR they get in the next update.

My blog has gone straight to PR4 without having to get any backlinks to it, so I’ll be continuing to use that and posting links to my sites from it.

the only sites I have that have actually gone down in PR are those where I haven’t added any new backlinks to since before the last PR update, and even these have mostly only gone down 1 PR.

I believe Google have raised the bar a bit for each level of PR, to make it a little harder to achieve

At the same time it appears to me that they have added something to downgrade your site’s PR if there are no new links appearing after a certain period of time, especially if there are no new links since the last PR update.

all in all I’m quite happy with the results after this PR update, and if you’ve now got sites that are PR4+ you really should be monetizing them with the method…

There are also a couple of places left in Article Explosion (Articles Explosion), so if you want to be ready for the next PR update grab a place now to get your own sites pre designed for you, then just use and/or to get a load of good quality links to your site, so you can start making even more money with the method when the next PR update rolls around…

Another backlinks resource that you should check out, if you haven’t already, is for getting unique backlinks from articles:" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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