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Working Offline with Affiliate Marketing

As you understand affiliate marketing is a business that mainly takes place online, but you should never neglect the importance of putting some of your efforts offline. In getting as many visitors as possible you’ll have great possibilities of making quite a nice extra income. For some people this isn’t just an “extra” income – they are so successful that it’s the way they make their living.

There simply is too much at risk in ignoring the offline world – a big part of your earnings could get lost. In marketing offline you have the chance of reaching a big number of potential referrals/visitors. Good news for you is that it isn’t difficult to implement offline marketing in your current marketing plan.

Time for Guerilla Marketing

Ok, about almost any experienced marketer will tell you that one of the most successful marketing methods is in creating a buzz – regardless if it’s a matter of the offline or online world. In getting people to start talking about your site and spreading the word to everyone they know you can be sure to notice an increased number of visitors.

When people hear a recommendation from someone they know you can almost be sure that they’re going to follow through and check it up.

Now comes the issue of how one manages to create a buzz. It’s actually not that hard as one might think, and thankfully there are several ways of creating a buzz.

Start with having a look at your competitor’s sites and make a list of what you can do better – you want to be offering your visitors something that they can benefit from, otherwise you won’t make any money from them as they’ll leave immediately and in all honestly, you won’t be able to create a buzz about a boring site.

As you’ve done this – start posting posts on popular bulletin boards in your community, letting people know about your site and what it has to offer.

Giveaways and contests have been proven to be successful ways of creating a buzz. Don’t worry about having to offer an expensive price – people will enter the contest anyways.

It’s in the human nature to compete against each other. But spend some extra time to pick a unique and relevant price as this will make sure that your contest stands out. Try to contact your local radio and TV station to let them know about your contest.

Bulletin boards are also a great way of letting people know about the contest. If possible, try to stick your notes on places that relate to the kind of visitors you want to get. For example if you promote children’s clothes bulletin boards close to schools or playgrounds might be a good idea.

Gain in Trust

The matter of fact is that many people still don’t like to make their purchases online as they feel that they can’t trust this way of doing business.

For many people is it like giving money to an invisible company. This is where offline marketing enters as a rescuer in distress. If people have seen information about your site in the offline world it’ll gain in trust.

So, try to get in contact with people in the offline world and you’ll probably notice a positive change on your site. Get trustworthy and start increasing your monthly income!

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Comment by Bryan Hee
2008-11-06 14:35:34

“Word of mouth” in offline world is the best advertising tool! Satisfied customers are your asset and they will advertise for you “Free of Charge” through “word of mouth”.

To Your Success
Bryan Hee

Comment by admin
2008-11-07 22:05:47

Hi Bryan,
agreed, word of mouth recommendations from one satisfied customer/subscriber to another is a very powerful way of having your business promoted, offline or online.
It’s why it’s so important to give the highest quality info, service and products possible.

Comment by Fran Civile
2008-12-08 16:27:16

Hi Matt,
I am suscribed to your Blog Tactics and I’ve been exploring your
sites…I’m IMPRESSED! with everythong you offer…

Could you add an option for a larger font? please… my eyes would
appreciate it!

Fran 🙂

Comment by admin
2008-12-08 17:57:00

Hi Fran,

it’s actually a feature that’s built in to the theme, if you checkin the very top right hand corner, above the search box, there should be the word “font” and then a + & – sign next to them, the + should increase the font size for you.


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