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I’m getting more trafic and I’m P’ed off!


I discovered a site a couple of weeks ago with a whole bunch of traffic tools that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, literally..

No, I’m not kidding!

I hadn’t told you about them yet because I wanted to test them out myself to see if they are actually as good as “gut instinct” told me.

I’ve only used two of them so far, and only for a couple of weeks, but the results have already started to justify my gut feeling, big time, and they’re a piece of cake to use..

So why am I P’ed off?

Well I paid full price for both of them and now the guy behind them has decided to offer them as part of a cheap membership site, which includes a whole bunch of his other tools, and more will added every month..

ultimate traffic

Even though I’ve already paid for two, I’m going to be signing up for the site to get my hands on the rest without having to pay for them.

These tools can be used for any of your websites to automate the process of getting SHED LOADS of links to your sites, boost their ranks in the search engines and drive massive amounts of targeted traffic for FREE!

ultimate traffic

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s twigged how good these tools are:

“…a few days later I started to see more traffic hitting my websites and more comments left on my blogs!” – Marc Sibille

“Within 2 months they were all on the front page of all the major search engines for many different keywords.” – Floyd King

“It gets me listed in minutes. I use this software to launch every campaign.” – Clifton Boston

“I have never had as much success with any other software as I have with yours. In just one day I managed to make 2 sales of a big ticket item” – Patrick Bankay

“This software is revolutionary in how fast it got my websites ranked in the major search engines!” – Lamar Owens

“Using your software I was able to double my views almost overnight!” – Marcus

“This will create a tsunami of traffic and subscribers!” – Rick Macaulay

“Ran it through the software once and now the site gets hits every day.” – Wallace Schempp

“More unique visitors in one day than in 6 months using traditional methods!” – Sky Benson

Get your hands on these kick ass traffic tools now…

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Comment by Richard McLaughlin
2008-09-27 09:05:13

Interesting post. I have little or no faith in places that promise traffic. The best I found so far is stumbleupon (untargeted) and blog carnival.

In fact, I bought a blog carnival submission software that I use. I made a list of 61 blog carnivals that are business, internet and blogging related, Mail me a blog you want submitted and I’ll send you to 61 carnivals in about 1 minute. Just need the URL you want submitted and an email address.

I stumbled it (more untargeted traffic for you) and included it in my blog carnival.

(see the carnival at:


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