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A friend asked me this week what affiliate marketing is. When I explained that it’s like being a “crap filter” he seemed a little confused, so I figured the best way to illustrate it was to send him a photo of the stuff that I’ve read in just the last six weeks or so.

Here’s the photos:

affiliate marketing research

There are 38 reports in that pile, I counted them:

affiliate marketing reports

but that’s not all of the products and reports that I’ve read and tested out over the last couple of months, there’s more that I either didn’t print out or was software.

At an conservative avarage value of $47 just those reports total over $1,786, with the extra software and reports I didn’t print, I estimate I spend well over $1,500 a month on new products and reports that are released.


Simple, it’s my job to work out what’s useable and of value, in other words what works, and what’s crap that’s not worth wasting your money on.
as an affiliate marketer it’s part of my job to read all this stuff so that my subscribers don’t have to and so they/you don’t end up spending money on stuff that’s just not worth it.

That’s also the reason that I don’t write about stuff that I haven’t tried out or read myself, I have to have the report or product myself to be able to tell whether it’s any good, and I do end up putting a lot of stuff in to the recycle box…

So when I send out an email, or post something on my blog, it may only take a few minutes to write the email/blog, but I’ve normally spent a couple of hours or more before hand researching before I start writing. It’s probably why my wife is often “miffed” at me for always having something to read close to hand, wherever we are." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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Comment by Barney
2007-07-25 13:37:41

I have just one question … well-l-l-l, two really, but …

Having seen that pile of paper, the primary question is, “Do you recycle?”

The secondary question is, “What vintage did you uncork to read – er-r-r-r, measure – that stack?”

Bye the bye, frivolity aside, condolences and best wishes anent the flooding. Been through that: it sounds like a joke, but it ain’t funny and it ain’t fun. Hopefully you were only marginally affected – big difference ‘twixt needing a shower and being waist deep in fetid flood waters . Dry soon!

Make a good day . . .
. . . barn

Comment by Mattg
2007-07-25 13:39:47

Hi Barney,

Lol! Damn fine questions!

1. Yup, I recycle paper, bottles, tin, the lot!

My wife’s even a member of the organic soil association here in the UK, she’s a bigger health and green nut than me, I just think it would be pretty wasteful to print all that lot and not recycle it.

I still probably print more than I should though, but I like to be able to sit outside and read and to write notes on the reports as I’m reading.

2. my favorite tipple is Oz (e.g. Jacobs Creek) or Spanish (Rioja’s for eating or temparnillo for “quaffable” thinking juice) Red’s.

We’ve been lucky to escape the flood damage as such, the house is ok, just gotta get through the next couple of weeks with no water, so it’s good timing to head off for a few days camping with my kids.

Thanks for the comments.

2008-04-29 18:10:53

Monthly Private Label Articles…

PLR articles? what are they? Are they those that you got full rights on and can either sell or give them away?…


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