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What I Hate about Internet Marketing…

ok, this post may not be as “controversial” as that headline could be taken…

I’m talking about something that I simply hate doing myself, I do every thing I can to avoid it, and that usually involves me spending a pile of cash to get out of it…

I’m talking about writing “sales letters” or sales pages for products and services!

Unless you really enjoy spending hours messing about with different variations of words, phrases and stories, trying to get the very best combination to “evoke” just the right emotion…

AND following a template to get all the different elements that are supposed to be in there just in the right place, with just the right amount of white space in between, with the best words and phrases highlighted, bolded, CAPITALIZED, colored, and/or underlined

see, I’m fed up already! 😉

I loath and FEAR writing a full one sales letter, it just takes way too much time, energy, effort and, dare I say it, “Hard Work” for me to want to do it…

AND YET a product will LIVE OR DIE by the quality of the sales page, if it’s not good enough no one’s ever going to find out just how good your product or service is…

Fortunatley the “traditional” “long form” text based sales letter is dying off, and quite quickly, simply because it’s being replaced by something that we all tend to react to much more easily, VIDEO!

The last two “big” product launches I’ve been directly involved in have both used sales videos and both were “5 figure (USD)” launches.

Not only are videos sales letters more effective, they’re also a darn site easier to do!!!

Want to learn exactly how you can bang out your own high converting sales letters in a LOT less time than it would take to do a long form text sales page, that won’t convert any where near as well..?

Here’s the best way to learn: – “Video Sales Letters ABC

This is simply the quickest AND easiest way to start banging out sales pages that WORK for any new product you release, even PLR, allowing you to rebrand an existing, poorly performing offer and get that much needed boost in conversins and profits!

Check it out today… Video Sales Letters ABC

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