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Waxing Moon Money Spell For Financial Abundance

Waxing Moon Money Spell For Financial Abundance

The Moon follows a lunar cycle of 29 and a half days that is highly essential in order to execute strong spells. A “waxing moon” is one of the most favorable times to attract richness, love and happiness when the light that shines on the moon increases rapidly in the first quarter of a lunar month

You can do a few very unique tasks during this stage, including the spell of Waxing Moon Spending.

To cast this Waxing Moon spell, you will need to acquire the following:

  • A brown candle (the darker the shade – the better, but make sure it doesn’t contain any artificial colouring). Brown is known to attract wealth and increase income, which is very important for this powerful ritual.
  • A gold coin.
  • A set of aromatic spices: a cinnamon stick, zest of one orange, and dried basil 

To cast the Waxing moon money spell, follow these steps:

First and foremost, expect a “waxing moon.” Don’t be scared to ask your more skilled colleagues and tutors if you’re fresh to the Lunar round, because spelling can be terrible if it is done at a poor moment. Be safer than sorry! Sorry!

Find a quiet room before you begin the ritual, make sure there is no light but moonlight in the room. Gather your equipment.-Gather your materials. Light the candle and concentrate on the fire; take 30 profound breaths, show richness and wealth. Rub the gold medal and the spices among your palms and inhale your flavor for a couple of times.

Say the following three times:

Money flow, money grow, money glow.

Blow the candle.

Place the coin you used in the ritual in your everyday wallet or purse. You should see the effects within a few weeks.

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