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the¬†$1 offer ends today…

but first, a quick reminder that the bonuses for Ewen’s Super Affiliate Club will be gone by tomorrow, so this is your last chance to grab them, including¬† a mega video course “Super Affiliates – The Underground Videos” worth $1,497 absolutely FREE…

and your free copy of LazyGitMarketing, just use the link below and send me a copy of your receipt (matt garrett support desk):

Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Club


now on to the main bit of advice for today:

Using Video Submission to drive Traffic to your Sites.

I’ve been using a simple video submission tool for one of my sites that only submits to around 20 video sites, and no social bookmark sites, and using that has increased the number of visitors to my site from around 1,000 unique hits per month to over 3,500 unique hits per month, so I know how effective this can be.

I’m now trying out a new service that submits your videos to twice as many sites, as well as social bookmark sites, and it allows you to create podcasts from audio files for RSS submission.

The best part is, this system is offering a months trial for just $1, but the offer closes today…

Video and Social Bookmark Site Submissions Tool

hopefully you’ve already grabbed your free copy of Camtasia and started playing around with making some videos, if not, here’s the download and registration links again:

Simply download the software here:

Then get your free licence key here (saving you $299):

and there are some cheap video tutorials for under $10 here:

Camtasia Tutorial Videos

Once you’ve started making some videos, and it gets real easy once you’ve done just a couple, you need a system to get those videos submitted to loads of sites automatically.

Doing it manually for each site takes forever, I’ve tried…

that’s where the $1 trial offer comes in.

This system supports 40 video sites as well as a dozen social bookmarking sites.

with the rise in popularity of social bookmarking sites and Google integrating video search in to their main search results, the power of this system to drive shed loads of extra traffic to your sites is just going to grow and grow!

These guys also have a system for turning slides/pictures in to a video, including an option to record the audio over a telephone line, so if you’re not up for doing a full motion video yet, you’ve got an easier option.

you can also create RSS channels for podcast submission and they give you stats on all the media you’ve uploaded and the downloads/views for each.

and that’s not all, they provide full training videos on how to do it all, from signing up for the relevany video and social bookmark sites, to creating your audio track, preparing images for your slideshow, and creating a slideshow video etc.

They basically hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you get it all done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Grab the $1 trial offer now
2. Use it for at least 2 videos so you can see the results for yourself
3. make a note in your diary to check the results in 2 and 3 weeks time to see what it’s done for your sites traffic, that way you’ll know it’s worth continuing to use.

Dont forget the $1 trial offer ends today, so do it now:

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