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earlier today I received an email from Rob Toth, who is the affiliate manager for the 3-day release of Dan Kennedy’s INFO RICHES that launched 2 days ago.

It’s a launch that had totally slipped under my “radar” with my recent house move, but once I read the email I had to go buy it myself.

I know that this is going to make me a LOT of money!!

Dan Kennedy’s Info Riches Course

I’ve always wanted to go to one of Dan’s seminars but never managed to do so, now I’ve got one of his very best that I can watch and/or listen to at my own pace…

AND the resale licence product is going to be a perfect high ticket back end product for some ofmy other products, and it’s ready made for me, saving me months of time and thousands of dollars developing my own!

This is not some product that I’ve got a “review” copy of, I’ve paid for this myself as it’s just one heck of an investment for me and my business!

and you need to act quickly on this one, it doubles in price at midnight, at the moment it’s WAY UNDER PRICED, imho! 🙂

Dan Kennedy’s Info Riches Course

I’ve pasted Rob’s original email below, it will show you why I just had to get this…

—— FWD: snip ————–
I was digging through the sales that came in for the Info Riches 3-day release we started yesterday.

I noticed some of the customers in the 1ShoppingCart database are “heavy hitters”, “gurus” or whatever title the cool kids are using these days.

The point is, there are milli0naire and multi- milli0naire clients in this list (from yesterday’s Info Riches release). I expect I’ll see plenty of other house-hold names before we close.

Why do you suppose that is?


I have 2 theories…

 1) They bought because they know that Dan Kennedy’s strategies DO produce big results. And this course is specific to how to cash in properly with Information Marketing.

Basically, they bought for the same reason that Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver and others continue to pay for Dan’s consulting time. His tactics save time and produce wealth.


… I’m starting to think my 2nd theory is even MORE of a reason…

 2) They saw that by grabbing the deeply discounted, m0ney generating teachings found in Dan Kennedy’s Info Riches, they ALSO get a Resell License to the 12-CD detailed case study of how one average couple rose from $300 and a kitchen table to a $117 milli0n dollar company.

This Resell License presents them with an immediate income stream. And I think THEY realized it. (It’s also why the license sells for $1497 on its own.)

Their new high quality, high value, high ticket product is already developed and has a suggested retail price of $497.

There’s a big market for it too. (Who in the “ma*ke mo*ney online” target market wouldn’t be interested in hearing a DETAILED look at how an average couple with boring jobs and $300 to invest now built an information marketing empire that has generated $117 million in sales?)

Doesn’t take a genius to realize that adding a $497 back-end to a $77 ebook or a $167 software means a great new ability to attract affiliates.

Doesn’t take a genius to realize that adding this same $497 per sale product to their autoresponder will kick off a nice sale from time to time.

And it certainly doesn’t take a genius to realize that selling just TWO copies of this 12-CD audio course, more than covers the entire Info Riches price (which then also gives them some of the sharpest strategies for continuing to build their own wealth with information marketing).


I tell you the above because I want you to buy Info Riches.

More specifically, I want you to buy Info Riches right now.

But I don’t want to sell you on it.

I think YOU can sell you on it.

See, if you don’t buy Info Riches, you miss out on the teachings that Ewen Chia, John Reese, Russell Brunson, Yanik Silver and countless other 7 and 8 figure marketers have based some or all of their business decisions on. And that’s precisely why you’ll still be chasing $10,000 months rather than $10,000 days.

And that’s just cold hard reality.

BUT… if you don’t buy Info Riches *NOW*, there’s an absolutely great chance that you’ll miss the Fast Action Bonus that I mentioned. And that IS a big deal.

Instead of hiring a ghostwriter to put together another me-too ebook, paying them $1500 to do so and being able to sell it for $49 or $77, you can have the entire 12-CD Info Millions (not to be confused with Dan Kennedy’s Info Riches) as a high ticket, high value income stream.

And, for the same reasons that I’m sure some of these “heavy hitters” picked up their copy of the above, you too could experience $497 deposits (or whatever you decide to charge for it, that’s just the recommended retail price) … instead of seeing $27 or $49 sales.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you’ll be able to entice affiliates to partner with you for your front-end offer (your current product), if your backend pays them at least $100 commission per sale.

Nobody likes CHUMP-change.

Oh, and that last part doesn’t take a genius to realize either.

An established marketer knows it’s just as simple to sell a $300 commission product as a $22.50 commission product.

Did you notice Optin Accelerator had a VERY FAT backend on it to entice affiliates? Worked like a charm.

Did you see why StomperNet got so many to jump on board with promotions ($800 per month will do that)?

The upcoming Traffic University is another very high ticket product that many will jump on (even higher per month cost than StomperNet).

So where’s YOUR big ticket item?

If you are DECISIVE and JUMP on this, then your high value, high credibility, $497 per sale (suggested price), 12-CD, high ticket product is still sitting right here:

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