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Google+ takes on Facebook…

Is Google+ (Google Plus) their answer to Facebook? I guess only time will tell for sure, but it sure looks like that’s the aim…

So how do you make sure you don’t miss out on getting the most out of Google+ for your business..?

Simple, check out the new GPlus Profit Plan

Here’s just some what’s included…

~ The truth behind the Google+ strategy, and why you need to be active now to maintain your position as a serious marketer

~ How to organise your friends and posts using Google+ (this valuable resource will keep the right information in the right hands)

~ How to get Google+ to make recommendations to you of things you like (this little-used feature is a great idea generation and research tool)

~ More efficient use of Google+… save time with these top tips for beginning, intermediate and advanced Google+ users

~ The methods you need to keep your Google+ information private (Facebook has long been criticised about how difficult it makes this – Google+ makes it easy if you can follow some simple guidelines)

~ Techniques to migrate your friends, photos and videos from Facebook to Google+ (Facebook deliberately make this difficult, but it’s easy when you follow this process)

~ Integration techniques to allow you to post to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ – you get real ‘bang for your buck’ when you do this

~ How to use Google+ to get interest in your business, and how all the little-known features of Google+ can work perfectly with your existing personal social networking presence

don’t miss out on Google’s answer to facebook: – GPlus Profit Plan

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