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Guess I shouldn’t have been in quite such a rush to get back out in to the sunshine yesterday, I messed up one of the links…

391 Videos Working Link: –

Killer Video Tutorials

This offer has just about everything you could ever want to know about how to create killer online videos…

If you signed up my the “IAM Uncovered” emails looking for it, please accept my apologies and feel free to unsubscribe from the list.


Marketers Angry at New Preview Report Released

Jason James is releasing a new report tomorrow and he claims he’s received a bunch of phone calls, instant messages and emails off other marketers who are angry becase of what he’s already revealed in the fr.e.e preview report he’s released today.

I’ve just finished reading the report and I can believe it’s true, a few “marketers” are gonna be pretty p’ed off with some of the stuff he’s put in there!

Tough on them I say, he’s not making any of this up.

Grab a copy of the report for yourself: –

Free Untold Marketing Secrets Preview Report

it’s only 26 pages and so it’s well worth making a cup of coffee for this WICKED 10 MINUTE READ…

Here’s a quick taster of my reactions/thoughts on just some of the stuff he covers: –

#3 The example site given here is awesome, I laughed my head off!

#4 well, that’s one that I’ll be trying out myself…

#7 doesn’t everyone already do this to get a “discount” on products they buy?

#9 Hmmm, last one I paid for I ended up in the bar most of the time anyway…

#12 this is one of my pet peeve’s with so many products that are released!

#13 OUCH!!

#14 is a two edged sword that can easily suck up too much of your time if you’re not careful…

#15 KISS (Keep it so simple) in action, simple and free way to start building your own list…

#16 is what people mean when they say “Work smarter, not just harder”

#19 is by far the most important, you’ve probably heard it before, but are you following this essential advice…?

Grab a copy of the report for yourself: –

Free Untold Marketing Secrets Preview Report

I’ve managed to twist Jason’s arm and get hold of a copy of the full report. I’ll read it tonight and let you know exactly what I think about it tomorrow." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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