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Last night I started reading a new ebook that I managed to get a pre-release copy of a new report being released on Thursday.

Normally if a book is good I’ll print it off so I can relax with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and read it at my leisure,

but this one actually sucked me in so totally that I was on page 47 before I even realised my cup of coffee had gone cold…

you can see why here:

sneaky affiliate cheats

I ended up making a few notes on the bits/pages/nuggets of gold that I think you should pay special attention to:

page 7 – very useful tool, I’ve used this many times myself

page 9 – an even better CB tool that I’d not come across before, but will be using from now on, although I use a different tool for a similar result (affiliatealert), but it’snot free like this one…

page 11 – Chris has missed one of my personal favorites here: AdWords 180

page 12 – $50 free adwords coupon

page 14 – the most common mistake with adwords and why most people don’t make money with it!

page 15 – this tip is golddust for making money with adwords

page 18 – and another one!

page 22 – Xtreme is also my favorite and works very well, especially with the “killer feature” that Chris mentions…

page 28 – iframes have long been the favorite tool of blackhat site builders, and they are extremely good for cloaking affiliate links, now if only there was such a tool available for blogs… 🙂 [coming soon =>]

page 29 – Ouch! I’d heard of this, but didn’t realise how much it goes on, and it makes cloaking your links VITAL!!! (see page 31)

page 35 – don’t forget there’s a free link cloaker that also encrypts the java code available on called “Affiliate Defender”

page 36, paragraph 2 – very important and very simple…
oh, and angle brackets are < & >, just in case you’re wondering. 🙂

page 43 – another major advantage.

page 47 – pay special attention to the paragraph about attracting SE Traffic!

page 51 – avoid the first tactic, stick with the other 4, they work in my experience.

page 52 – “WIIFM” is one of the simplest, but but powerful principles to keep in mind at all times in any type of marketing, but especially online…

page 55 – this is something I need to be doing more of myself, I know from several freinds with VERY BIG LISTS just how powerful it can be!

my personal favorite is (, seems Chris and I agree on quite a few things

page 61 – do both, use #2 to build #1

page 63 – Aweber everytime IMHO, simply because of it’s unbeatable deliverabiity rate!

page 64 – for a bigger list check out

page 70 – an excellent money saving resource!

and the software included, whilst being “sneaky” in nature, is a VEY effective way of increasing your affiliate commissions…

as you can see, there’s quite a lot in it that I think is VERY POWERFUL info…

go grab your copy now and you’ll see exactly what I mean:

sneaky affiliate cheats

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