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It’s that time of the year again, there’s some seminars on and it’s my chance to get out of the office and have a few beers with some like minded internet marketers…

it’s also your chance to corner me for a chat and a beer in the bar if you’re at one of these events…

This weekend I’m off to the “internet masters” seminar at Earl’s Court: –

The tickets are free, although the hotel rooms are not cheap, at around £100 pernight, although as it’s Earl’s Court you should be able to find cheaper hotels in the area.

It starts on Saturday 20th Septemeber and runs until Monday 22nd, although I will actually be there from Friday afternoon and have to leave on Sunday due to some family commitments on Monday, but if you’re hanging around in the bar on Friday or Saturday night and spot me, feel free to come over and say “Hi”.

I’m likely to be propping up the bar with Soren Jordansen and JP Schoeffel.

The speakers include Robert Puddy, Ewen Chia, Alan Forrest Smith, David Cavanagh, Mark Vurnum & Gary Vurnum

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then there’s also the Focus Marketing Seminars UK Event

which is on October 17th to 19th

This one is at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, so it’s a bit out of town, and whilst I haven’t checked the hotel prices yet, it won’t be cheap..

The tickets are £97 (GBP)

there are 14 speakers including Armand Morin, Sean Roach, Adam Ginsberg, Alan Forest Smith, Tom Hua, Dr Mike Woo Ming and Pat Lovell

again, I’ll be hanging around in the bar most of the time, so you can catch me for a chat there.
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Comment by Peter Dykes.
2008-09-17 09:13:54

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the heads up on the seminars,sounds interesting!
Unfortunately due to other commitments I won’t be able to make
it .(will explain later) sorry you had the run in with the “con merchant”
comments, there are some idiots always ready to spoil your day !

Comment by lyn
2008-09-17 16:07:08

Hi Matt, I would love a beer, but I’m in Spain till the end of October. 😀
And I do wish they would put these seminars on in cheaper places for us provincial bums!

Comment by Matt Garrett
2008-09-17 18:31:59

Hi Lyn,
you’re in Spain again?
didn’t you only just get back…

Comment by lyn
2008-09-25 10:11:57

Um, err, yes….. but will be in the UK for the winter (ugh!). Love being out here, EXCEPT I still don’t have broadband, which makes trying to do all this stuff very hard. I’ve been looking at your blog themes all bloomin’ afternoon. Sigh.


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