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Apologies for being a little “quiet” for the last few days, I’m in the middle of selling my house and getting divorced, so I’ve been flat hunting to find somewhere new to live..

I’ve got some more freebies for you today, no “sign up” or anything required for these!

The first is a 26 page pdf report from Patric Chan that covers Niche marketing.

If you didn’t already realise, most (if not all) of the succesful internet marketers (including myself) don’t just make money from selling “Internet Marketing” products, they make money from a whole bunch of other “normal” niche’s.

I’ve got Niche sites in markets ranging from Tattoos and World of Warcraft, to computer security and Hairstyles.. 🙂

The first half of this report is Patric’s own story and it may well ring a bell with you, so don’t skip it..

The Patric moves on to the real meat of the report, explaining “Niche Marketing”, including how it used to be a lot easier a few years ago and how it’s changing, and most importantly how to take advantages of the changes to stay ahead of the game..

here’s the page with all my free internet marketing resources

or you can open the pdf in your browser online here:

Patric Chan’s Free Niche Marketing 2.0 report

or download it as a zip file here:

Download the free NicheMarketing2 Report

I’ve also just added 2 new free videos on using the Twitter and Kaboodle web 2.0 social sites for getting traffic & links to your sites.

They’re a bit longer than my normal videos (10 & 7 mins), as they were done buy someone else, but they’re well worth taking a look at.

You can find them in the same place as usual:

Free Internet Marketing Videos

once you’ve checked out the Twitter video you can also check out my Twitter Page here:

Matt Garrett On Twitter

and if you’re into blogging (you should be) I’ve posted a bit about using BlogCarnivals to get links and traffic to your blogs on" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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2008-02-25 19:06:47

[…] Patric Chan’s also just released a free report on where Niche Marketing is going and how Web 2.0 is changing it that I’ve posted about on my Internet Marketing Blog […]

Comment by John
2008-04-01 10:28:40

Thanks for sharing some good videos these will be helpful.


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