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What do I think?

Simple, it’s expensive!

It is good, but then you’d expect it to be for almost 4 figures…

What is it?

Well the main part is an all singing all dancing Content Management system called CMSInfusion, which will do just about everything you could possibly want to do with a web site. There are some other very nice “bits” included in the deal and there are some impressive “fast action” bonuses, if they haven’t already gone.

But my advice is don’t get caught up in the hype that you “need” this!

You should only buy it if you can see an immediate or short term use for it in your business, otherwise it’s likely to end up being another “Great” buy that you never actually use.

Trust me, I’ve got quite a few of them myself, it’s easily done.

If you do decide to buy it then check through the promotions for it that you’ve received from other marketers, as there are some excellent bonuses on offer.

Here’s a selection of the better ones that I’ve seen today: –

Eric Rockefeller [25 spots]
Bonus #1: Two Day promo of your own product to his list = value:$1997
If you don’t have a product he’ll help you create one = value:$4997
copies of all of his existing products = value:$”priceless”
Bonus #2: and $100 rebate
send receipt to – EricRockefeller [at] mylistmonster [dot] com

Patric Chan
Bonus #1: A Free Seat To Attend The 6-Week Resale Rights Profit Mastery Coaching Program = Value $997
Bonus #2: The BackEnd Mastery Home Course MASTER RESALE RIGHTS = Value $1,597
Bonus #3: The Traffic Package [to be released] = Value $997
Bonus #4: Access 12 Recorded Consultation Calls = Value $1,997
Bonus #5: MASTER RESALE RIGHTS of Making Money With Niche Markets Video Course = Value $997
Bonus #6: Free Seat To Attend 6 Consultation Calls
send receipt to – info [at] automateinternetmarketing [dot] com

Jason James
Bonus #1: A 30 minute phone consultation with me to discuss your business. Ask me anything. (Value $500)
Bonus #2: A chance to joint venture with me and have your product put in front of my 70,000 subscribers. (Value – You decide)
Bonus #3: Access to my now famous, but closed to the public, “Uncut Internet Marketing” membership site which features exclusive audios, videos, and PDF’s from some of the top marketers around discussing their secrets for success.
send receipt to – info [at] uncutmarketing [dot] com

Andrew Fox [17 slots left]
Bonus #1: The Brain Evolution System
Bonus #2: A LIFETIME membership to the premier traffic generation website, Responsivemailer
Bonus #3: A copy of the exclusive ‘Free Traffic With My Space” Interview
Bonus #4: Lifetime membership to Andrews new High Price Limited Membership coaching club
email receipt to – stuart [at] launchaproduct [dot] com

Keith Wellman
Bonus #1: live webinar shwoing every aspect of building your own site with CMSInfusion = value $1,997
Bonus #2: Once you have completed your site using CMSinfusion Keith will personally review your site and give you a NO HOLD BARRED review = Value $1,497
Bonus #3: JV with Keith, he will promote your site to his own list = value $997
Bonus #4: a permanant link on Keith’s blog to your site = value $497
Bonus #5: Resell rights to part 1…PLUS…resell rights to the video reviews (with sensitive information edited out) complete with graphics = value $2,997
email receipt to – listprofitexpert [at] gmail [dot] com

That’s a fairly hefty list of bonuses on offer, but as I said earlier, don’t take the plunge unless you can put the CMSInfusion system to use in your business, don’t buy it just because you feel you might be missing ut on soemthing “big”, trust me, there will be another something “big” next week, and the week after…

As a last note, if the cost is the major factor for you in deciding (which it really shouldn’t be), rather than all the bonuses available from the marketers above, then as a very special offer I’ll rebate you $333 if you buy it through my link, but please bear in mind that I won’t be able to rebate you the money until after the 60 day refund period, or longer if you choose the 3 monthly payments option.

My link is:

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