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No doubt you’ve already had quite a few emails hit your in box today telling you how Mike Filsaime has “lost his mind”, or something similar, as he’s offering his 7 Figure Secrets Report for free…

I’ll explain what the report is in a moment, but first…

Mike Obviously hasn’t lost his mind, he’s a top marketer and he knows exactly what he’s doing!

so is the report really “free”?

Yes and No…

Mike, and his partners for this launch, will make money in a few different ways, first up from what’s called a “forced continuity” program when you “sign up” to get the free report.

Let me explain exactly how it works, so you understand…

the tick box on the sign up page (which can’t be un-ticked!) is for the “free” copy of the MarketingDotCom Magazine.

What you need to be aware of is that you’re actually signing up for the newsletter subscription (this is the “forced continuity” program) and after your first free month you’ll be automatically charged $29.95 per month for the future copies, Until You Cancel, which you can do AT ANY TIME

Personally, I signed up for it as I’m interested in seeing what’s in the “free” copy of the magazine and I know that the 7 Figure Secrets Report is WELL WORTH getting (more on that below).

Mike Filsaime 7 Figure Secrets Free Report

I’ll also be putting a reminder in my diary (with the cancellation Tel number) for 25 days from now, to remind me to decide whether I want to cancel the magazine subscription or not, as I’ll have had the first free copy by then and will know whether it’s worth continuing the subscription.

N.B. make sure you make a note of the telephone number for cancellations so you’ve got it when you want to cancel!

So what’s the “shipping” costs?

$7.99 for US and Canada, $11.99 for all other countries, so pretty reasonable.

I’ve seen other “free” offers where the “shipping” costs seem to have been ramped up to include some profits, which always seems a bit sneaky and under handed to me, that’s not how Mike does business though, so there’s no inflated costs here.

Mike Filsaime 7 Figure Secrets Free Report

There is of course an upsell, which happens to be pretty good value, I didn’t go for it as I’ve already got the all of the products on offer, I’ve been a customer of Mike’s for some time and have always enjoyed the stuff he brings out.

So what is the 7 Figure Secrets Report?

It’s all the very best bits from his $1,297 “7 Figure Code” 16 DVD set that he released last year.

I paid for a copy of this, so I know there’s a lot of kick ass stuff covered in these DVD’s, in fact I’ve still not watched all of them, as there is just so much!

That’s why I wanted a copy of this report, it’s a summary of all the very best bits from those 16 DVD’s…

Getting all that info for just the cost of the shipping is a GREAT DEAL, but it’s what’s called a “Loss Leader” for Mike, in other words he’s willing to lose money on this first offer in the hope that he can persuade you to “upgrade” to a paid offer after wards…

So once you’ve signed up for the report he’s going to give you a whole bunch of other “offers”, all of which are good value, but you can just scroll to the bottom of the page and say “no thanks”.

In fact I think there were about 6 or 7 “offer” pages to get through before you get to the members page, so make yourself a cup of coffee to drink while you’re working your way through, LOL!

Seriously though, it only took me a few minutes to get through them all, and once you’re in the members area there’s also an affiliate link so you can promote this offer on your own blog/website and to your newsletter readers, it’s one of the best offers people are going to see this year, so it’s worth it!

Mike Filsaime 7 Figure Secrets Free Report

p.s. If you decide to cancel the magazine subscription at a later date but can’t find the Tel number when you need it, give me a shout, I’ll make sure I’ve got it for you.
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