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Ben Shaffer’s Auto Cash Method

there are a small number of fellow marketers who I keep a special eye on, guys who when they release a new product I’m first in the queue to get a copy…

they tend to be VERY good at one particular “specialty”, usually because they earn a large part of their income through that “discipline”. In other words they do it themselves, rather than just teaching others how to do it “in theory”, like some marketers.

Ben Shaffer is one of these people.

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He’s a quiet family guy, and one “smart cookie”, who is an expert in one of my favorite methods for making money online, “set & forget” automated websites.

I always wondered how this guy made his money, now I know and it’s a classic “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

no product, no list, no ppc, just flip it or keep it…

Flip Flopping Profits

you don’t need a product…

you don’t need to build a list..

you don’t need to pay for PPC..

Flip Flopping Profits

oh, and I know this works, I’ve picked up several thousand dollars doing this just a couple of times already.

get in on this now and you could easily do the same before Xmas to give yourself a nice holiday bonus!

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Site Research Tools

hope you’re having a fun/relaxing weekend! :grin:

it’s typically wet and windy here in the UK… :roll:

I’ve got a free video for you to watch: –

Site Flip Flopping

it’s about 30 mins long, and the sound quality isn’t great, but the method revealed is neat!

and here’s my extra tips for doing “Site Research“: –

the quickest and easiest way I know of to fins out what keywords are bringing traffic to a site just paste the site url in to this site: –

SEO Digger

and if you use firefox as your browser it can make life a lot quicker and easier for doing backlinks and other research on a site if you have the plugin installed.

you can see me making use of the plugin for site research on the video here: –