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it seems the stomper boys really have lost the plot, as if giving away their DVD’s showing everything about how to get organic search engine traffic for free wasn’t a good enough deal, they’ve gone and added another $10,000 worth of bonuses…


they claim it’s their way of saying sorry for messing up the launch last week, I think they’re just showing off with how many top marketers they can squeeze serious gifts out of, but hey, who cares as long as we get the benefit right..?  🙂

To be fair, you should get this because of the DVD’s themselves, but all those bonuses do kinda make it a no brainer.

thanks for all the comments about my impending divorce, I appreciate all the advice and support!

I should have mentioned that it’s not my first divorce, first time around I was quite young and married the girl from next door when she got preggers just a few months after we hooked up, it helped that she was pretty darned hot, but after 7 years we just had nothing in common so it kinda came to a natural conclusion. I don’t regret it as we ended up with two awesome kids, who are the best thing in my life.

my second wife is actually from Russia, and although we’ve had a lot of good times together, there are some pretty important things that we just can’t “see eye to eye” on, so there’s no point in ending up hating each other, and we’ve not had kids, so it’s a pretty “amicable” divorce and I hope that we’ll end up being able to be friends at the end of it all..