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3 Day Information Product Publishing

No one really explains all the details? Is that what’s holding you back?

so everyone says you need your own product to make real money online, BUT they only ever teach you the “overview” of how to do it, missing out all the real, step-by-step detail, that would actually help you DO IT, right..?

well I’ve got a breath of fresh air for you today…

Kevin Riley’s illustrated Clockwork Recipe for publishing and selling a profitable “How To” guide in just 3 days…

and it does “what it says on the box”!

Quicklink: 3 Day Info Product Creation
*Note: Kevin’s a mate of mine so I managed to get a discount for you… 🙂

Kevin’s guide is 135 pages long (!!!) and covers everything, in detail, in step-by-step format that is easy to follow, nothing missed out.

You’ll probably receive a LOT of emails today about a product From Keith Wellman called “Million Dollar March”.

I’m gonna tell you straight up that I can’t tell you much about it as I’ve not got a copy myself.

what I do know is that it’s a complete step by step guide to creating and launching your own product, and there’s some pretty powerful proof that it works..

you may remember a launch a few weeks ago for a set of SEO tutorial videos, called the SEO Code Breaker from Charles Kirkland.

This launch did VERY well for Charles, I know as I’ve spoken to him about it.

Well Charles was one of Keith’s “test subjects” for creating the course, so it “does what it says on the box”.