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Free Traffic Tips

this isn’t a promo post, there’s not affiliate link, just my quick recommendation to take 5 minutes to check out an excellent blog post from Reed Floren on his blog at

Reed’s post covers 7 simple, but highly effective methods for getting traffic and is well worth the few minutes it takes to read.

While you’re on the blog I’d recommend taking a moment to check out some of Reed’s other posts

AND sign up for his free newsletter to get his own personal success secrets, you may not realize it, but Reed is known as one of the world’s top Joint Venture Marketers, so he’s someone I’ve been following for some time now, to my benefit, and I really do recommend you do the same…

have a great weekend!

Over the next few days I’m going to post a series of videos on my Blogging blog for you to show you some simple free traffic tactics.

I’ve just uploaded the first videos for you, showing how to add the StumbleUpon toolbar, how to Stumble your own sites to get extra traffic, and how to add the Stumbleupon button to your blogs, you can check out the videos on here:

don’t forget to check out the list of upcoming videos that I’m doing for you in yesterdays post.

while I’m on the subject of getting traffic to websites: –

I run a LOT of sites, several hundred in fact, and not just in the “internet marketing/work from home/blogging” niches. I’ve got site in niches varying from Human Pheromones, Russian Brides (I married one), Juice Machines and song lyrics, to Jigsaw Puzzles and Airsoft Guns.