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first up the Greedy Giveaway 2 is now open with a boat load of quality freebies for you to grab: –

Greedy Giveaway 2

as usual, here’s some of the best that I’ve spotted so far: –

Alok Jain – On Deman Profits (How Alok made $2,000 in just 10 days)
Mike Steup’s RSS Feed Basics
StumbleUpon Exposed
Jeff Dedrick’s 30 Days to Create a Product
David Thompsons List Building 1-2-3
Fabian Tan’s Internet Starup Secrets

but there’s a LOT of stuff in there, so go check out the full list and see which of the freebies on offer catch your eye…

Greedy Giveaway 2

and second, if you’ve ever considered using a wholesale dropshipping directory site than you really should check out my latest blog post on to see which one you REALLY SHOULD AVOID: –
this site started with an offer for a free trial that turned in to a $1 trial offer, and ended up costing over $100…

JamesBrown, Stuart Sterling and my mate Dan McGonagle have put together a massive giveaway event with a VERY cool one time offer!

There’s some fantastic free stuff up for grabs, so don’t bother reading any more of this, just go grab your frebies now:

Internet Marketing Giveaway

oh, and pay special attention to the offer they make when you sign up for the freebies, it includes something that they had to twist my arm VERY hard to get me to agree too…

Internet Marketing Giveaway