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Maximum Money Blueprints Review

I managed to get a review copy of Maximum Money Blueprints from Fabian, so I’ve taken the time to look through them all and do a full review for you, I hope you find it useful…

Note: don’t be put off by the first 2, they get better, a LOT better… đŸ™‚

Blueprint #1 : Pay Per Install – personally not keen on the first blueprint as I’m not of a fan of the product used for monetization, but it can be used to monetize almost any type of site/traffic

score: 4/10

Blueprint #2 : ArticleMarketing – this one does have lots of solid info, although nothing hugely groundbreaking if you’re already familiar with article marketing, the best tips are on page 21 & 22, and if you’re not aware of these they could make a pretty big difference to how much you make from your article marketing efforts…

Article Marketing

Note: If you’ve already mastered the secrets of article marketing and are more interested in blog automation and traffic then skip to the links at the bottom.

I’m a huge fan of the combined power of blogging and article marketing for a very simple reason, it makes up a large part of my business!

Article Marketing Secrets

but that’s not the only reason….

it’s also the quickest, easiest and most COST EFFECTIVE (i.e. cheap) methods of starting to make m0ney online.

you should already have a blog setup by now, having read my BlogTactics blog Setup Guide (if not then please go do so!:)

so you now need to know how to make the most out of article marketing, both to start generating some cash, and to start getting visitors and building a list.

I thought I’d post a photo that I just found from when I recently moved house.

It shows the huge pile of internet marketing reports that I cleared out and threw away (via the recycling box) as part of my move.

the photo: –
internet markting reports recycled

There were a few reports that I did hold on to, and one of them is a free one from Fabian Tan, you can check it out here:

It covers a simple, yet VERY effective, 3 step plan to building a $300+ per day income online.

The report is just 45 pages long, so it’s easy to take in, and it’s not the typical “free report” that’s simply written as an “upsell” for another product or service, it’s actual real, valuable info you can use.

and I did mention it’s free didn’t I?

Sooner or later every budding internet entrepeneur hits a stumbling block, I know, I’ve been there too…

Succesful internet marketers have all built up a cirlce of fellow marketers who are friends and experts in different areas, so when they get stuck on something, they can quickly get the answers they need, and move forward.

but how can you do that if you’re just starting, or haven’t had the chance to make those all important contacts yet..?



Myself and three other Top marketers are going to take the time to answer your questions and help you get over whatever stumbling block is stopping you from the success you want, to help you reach your goals quicker!

While I was packing up my office last week to move house, I had the chance to go through the pile of ebooks and reports that I’ve printed out hard copies of over the last 6 months or so, it was a pretty big pile, over 2 foot high in fact!

I decided it was the ideal time to do a bit of tidying up and throw out (I put them in the recycling box, it’s a lot of paper) some of them and just keep the best that I wanted to read through again.

As I was going through deciding which to keep I cam across a real “gem” that I’d totally forgotten about and wanted to tell you about, so I put it to one side and packed it with my laptop to make sure I remembered to let you know about it as soon as I was back up and running.