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Fast Cash System

I’ve just come across a new, and a little bit odd, system for getting online commissions in as little as a day with less than an hours work, and no experience required…

Commission Shortcut

Most online affiliate marketing course teach you that you need to be:

~ Building websites [that nobody sees]

~ Generating traffic [that never seems to arrive]

~ Posting useless garbage on Facebook and Twitter

Sure, these “schemes” and “loopholes” all SOUND great…

But when was the last time you really made any cash from them?

that’s why I think you should check out this 100% new shortcut to online profits…


Something COMPLETELY new…

Something 100% unseen

Something that actually works right NOW…

AND will continue working for months and years to come.

Stealth Profit Machines Auto Blog Content Posting Tool

Yesterday I posted a new video about the Stealth Profit Machines tool and how it can be used to install a new WP blog.

You can see that first video here: – WordPress Automation Tool

This second video is to show how the software will find as much keyword targeted content as you need, all above board and “white hat”, and then post it for you over time on whatever frequency you want, so you can effectively take 5-10 mins and set up all the content you need for your blog for the next 12 months!

The third video will cover the main plugin itself which automates the monetization of the blog.

Note: the third video won’t be posted until Thu 7th Oct and will be posted here: –
WordPress Profit Plugin

Ever feel like you’re not getting the whole story?

Yeah, it’s not unusual, and there’s a reason why…

Many “internet marketing” and “how to make money online” courses simply don’t cover everything you need, usually because the person selling it want’s to sell you those extra bits as “addons”, and often at a higher price!

Well not this time!

My mate Chris Freville is offering his COMPLETE $45,219.90 Per Month Action Plan…

This includes 13 modules with: –

~> 60 videos

~> 5 process maps

~> 9 pdf’s

~> and a whole bunch of templates, graphics & spreadsheets

This is the actual, complete online business blueprint that he has been using himself for the last few years to make an average of $45,219.90 every single month…

in order to become a real player in IM circles, you’ve got to have a list. And the bigger your list the more money-pulling power you have…

It used to be tedious to build a list, because there are a lot of small steps that could potentially trip you up…

But, Chris Freville has solved all that with the Automated List Builder.

Auto List Building System

The system comes complete with all the latest gadget scripts for sky-rocketing your opt-ins…

10 quick-loading step-by-step video modules, each packed with solid gold tips and tactics for building a hands-free list faster than has ever been possible…

simple guidelines for forming rock-solid relationships with your list members…

even a companion manual and visual mind map detailing every single step for putting your building your list totally on autopilot.

Last night I started reading a new ebook that I managed to get a pre-release copy of a new report being released on Thursday.

Normally if a book is good I’ll print it off so I can relax with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) and read it at my leisure,

but this one actually sucked me in so totally that I was on page 47 before I even realised my cup of coffee had gone cold…

you can see why here:

sneaky affiliate cheats

I ended up making a few notes on the bits/pages/nuggets of gold that I think you should pay special attention to:

page 7 – very useful tool, I’ve used this many times myself