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I’m going to do a blog post on tomorrow to explain a bit more about why going to internet marketing events is so damned important, but I wanted to get this out to you first, as there’s a great event coming up here in the UK next weekend, that I’ll be going along to, and there’s also a great one coming up in Oct in Baltimore in the US, so if you’re “over the pond” you’re not going to miss out either…

here’s the info on the UK one first: –

Mark Anastai has put together a very impressive team of speakers for his Speed Cash Seminar here in the UK next weekend, including: –

Armand Morin
Shawn Casey
Brett McFall
Kirt Christensen
John Jonas
Alex Goad
Mark Vurnum
Reed Floren
Amit Mehta
Alex Goad
Jeff Dedrick

It’s that time of the year again, there’s some seminars on and it’s my chance to get out of the office and have a few beers with some like minded internet marketers…

it’s also your chance to corner me for a chat and a beer in the bar if you’re at one of these events…

This weekend I’m off to the “internet masters” seminar at Earl’s Court: –

The tickets are free, although the hotel rooms are not cheap, at around £100 pernight, although as it’s Earl’s Court you should be able to find cheaper hotels in the area.

It starts on Saturday 20th Septemeber and runs until Monday 22nd, although I will actually be there from Friday afternoon and have to leave on Sunday due to some family commitments on Monday, but if you’re hanging around in the bar on Friday or Saturday night and spot me, feel free to come over and say “Hi”.

I’ve put the free forum posting tool up on, you can find it on this page:

or here’s the direct download link:

If you haven’t grabbed your free copy of the 2008 Social Marketing Directory (with over 400 web 2.0 resources) yet, please do so now as it won’t be free after tomorrow…

I’ll also be adding the next dirt cheap ebook in the next couple of days, which will be on copywriting and I’ll be uploading the free project management tool for you as well, so keep your eyes open for the next post…

and for an excellent free report about internet marketing from a guy who’s sold over $45 million worth of stuff click on the link below, don’t worry about reading the page, just scroll to the bottom to grab the report, it really is worth taking the time to read…