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3 step blueprint for building profitable niche sites…

how would you like to be able to build simple niche sites that pull in $300 to $3,000 per month on ‘hangs free’ auto pilot..?

Quicklink: ~> Forever Affiliate

I know this kind of site work because I build them myself, I have a LOT (hundreds) of “Niche” websites (mostly WP blogs) that generate a very healthy, hands free income for me month after month.

I’ve always planned on doing my own “Niche Site Marketing” tutorial course, I just tend to be a bit lazy (easily done with all that passive income coming in), so I haven’t gotten around to doing one yet…

BUT a good mate of mine, Andrew Hansen, has done one that’s the best “A to Z”, step-by-step, nothing left out, niche website building course I’ve seen.

I’ll Build Your Blog Bonus…

It’s last call time for the “I’ll build your blog for you” bonus I’m offering for Andrew Hansen’s Plug and Play Niche Cash system!

You can check out the offer here: –
>> N.B. there are only 63 left on offer as I write this, so go now!
~> Plug and Play Niche Cash

or read the original blog post I made about it here: –

Here’s the stuff you need to know: –

1. Andrew’s Plug and Play Niche Cash system give’s you 150 pre-researched niches, complete with keywords and affiliate programs to promote, as well as a whole lot of other stuff.

2. Last time Andrew offered a package like this (over 2 years ago) I set up a few blogs using the info and many of them are STILL earning me affiliate income after 2 years!!!

Today I’ve got a free must read “cut the crap” report for you…

this free report is 38 pages of real, non-sales, useful info!

it’s from Andrew Hansen, one of favorite internet marketers and a top niche blogger, and that’s not just because I’ve had a pint or two with him –

Andrew is a straight talking, no nonsense kinda guy, and this report proves that, big time!

here’s a line from the one of the opening paragraphs of the report that I’ll bet you can identify with: –

“The biggest reason people fail to make money online is because this industry makes it so damn hard to find and focus on the right information and persist with a single course of action until it results in a profit.”