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Free Website Backlinks

Want 812 free backlinks top your website?

This is only available for the next 24 hours…

Free traffic is always a cool thing, right?

and we all know that the more backlinks we have to our websites, the better our rankings will be in the search engine results, which will result in more free organic traffic…

So getting hold of a list of 812 places you can get a free backlinks from has gotta be good!

Well, there’s a new backlink building product being launched tomorrow by top internet marketer Alex Goad, and to get people serious about the launch he’s giving away some very cool stuff, including: –

~ 1. His personal “Link Database” of 812 places you can get backlinks from for free

I’m going to do a blog post on tomorrow to explain a bit more about why going to internet marketing events is so damned important, but I wanted to get this out to you first, as there’s a great event coming up here in the UK next weekend, that I’ll be going along to, and there’s also a great one coming up in Oct in Baltimore in the US, so if you’re “over the pond” you’re not going to miss out either…

here’s the info on the UK one first: –

Mark Anastai has put together a very impressive team of speakers for his Speed Cash Seminar here in the UK next weekend, including: –

Armand Morin
Shawn Casey
Brett McFall
Kirt Christensen
John Jonas
Alex Goad
Mark Vurnum
Reed Floren
Amit Mehta
Alex Goad
Jeff Dedrick

N.B. My special bonus offer is at the bottom of this post, but I’ve also made a post here – Affiliate Payload Bonus Offers – with 3 other bonus offers from other marketers, just in case mine isn’t what you’re looking for…

ok, so the report is finished, but I’ve not finished reading mine, and I’ve been at it a few hours, so even though I’m only up to the media buying section I thought I’d better send you my impression so far…

you probably realise the simple fact that I’m rwading it in detail (and taking lots of notes) instead of just skimming through it is a good sign, right?

absolutely right! 🙂

When I got hold of a pre-release copy of this from Alex last week I thought I’d just spend a few minutes checking it out to see if it was just another one of “those” ebooks, I was still reading it several hours later…

It’s one of those rare reports that once you start reading it, you just can’t stop!

There’s so much simple, effective and REAL powerful info in there it just sucks you in and makes you want to soak it all in, although I also found myself scribbling down notes while reading it, notes on new stuff that I know will help me make even more money online…

4 Tier Annihilation Method

Alex is the real deal, he’s been making a LOT of money online for a LONG while.