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Did you miss my 3 step 30 day plan for making profits with blogs earlier this week?

here it is again, just in case:

1. get a blog
2. add neil’s script for automated content and “monetization”
3. get free backlinks for lots of visitors

the extra two steps are the best tho..

4. cash the cheques

5. repeat with more blogs for more profits

Here’s the link for Neil’s script:


and here’s the link for the traffic tools to get those backlinks and visitors, although it could well be sold out by now..

ultimate traffic

If you missed yesterdays post about Neil Shearing’s new Blog Plugin that helped him get a brand new site indexed and getting search engine traffic in just 3 days, and making sales within 10 days, then go grab the free report and read it NOW!


OK, today I’m gonna keep it real simple.

Here’s is the simplest way to start making money from simple automated blogs in the next 30 days.

1. get a WordPress Blog set up

2. add Neil’s new Datafeed Blog Plugin, then add a free datafeed

3. use one or more of the free traffic tools from the Ultimate Traffic Tools offer to get backlinks and visitors to the new blog

ok, you could add another step or two..

4. cash the cheques