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So I was just about recovered from my “relaxing” trip to Poland when I get hit by the “lurgy”, I’m now filled up to the gills on Beechams Lemsip Max and vitamin C to try and fight it off before it can get hold…

not ideal when I’ve got to spend the next 4 hours driving to the airport and back to pick up my wife, such is life.

It’s always good to hear that people are getting the results they want, so I was pleased to get some more new emails from LazyGitMarketing members this week reporting the success of their sites in the recent PR update:

“I have 15 blogs on the go now, <snip> these include 2 pr5’s and 3 pr4’s <snip>, so all in all not bad so far and thanks for the product.”

“Just got 9 wp boggs to pr4 at the last update. I am well pleased to say the least.”

I’m not the only one getting positive emails though…

I told you about Michael Green’s $20,000 in 20 days program a few weeks ago and he’s now getting similar success stories from people who’ve got on board with the 20/20 program:

“20 Days later and I’ve achieved my dream of earning enough money online not to have to work the day job anymore. Thank goodness”
Sarah Coates, Concord, NH, USA.

“$20k in 20 days? I’ve just done it and then some 😉
Thanks Michael. I never really thought it would be possible, but you’ve (or perhaps that is I’ve) proved myself wrong. I’m very grateful.”
John Speck, San Fran, USA.

I’ve checked with Michael and there are still a few places left on the 20/20 challenge, go grab your spot now and let me know how it’s gone for you in 20 days from today…

$20,000 in 20 days Challenge


The BritPack Seminar may have only been 3 days, but I met so many cool people there I’m still trying to catch up with them all.

One is a young guy called Andrew Stark who became an overnight success online earlier this year when he launched his List Bandit Expert course, well he’s just done it again with a new “Expert” product (I can see a brand developing for him), the $7 Dollar Expert.

$7 dollar reports have become very popular over the last few months, and for a very good reason, they are an excellent way of building your online business, if you know what you’re doing, which is where Andrew’s report comes in…

in it he shows you the 7 essential things you need to do to profit from $7 reports

Andrew also includes a copy of the original $7 script, so you can start straight away…

and of course the price is not going to be a surprise, it’s just $7!

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