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Site Research Tools

hope you’re having a fun/relaxing weekend! :grin:

it’s typically wet and windy here in the UK… :roll:

I’ve got a free video for you to watch: –

Site Flip Flopping

it’s about 30 mins long, and the sound quality isn’t great, but the method revealed is neat!

and here’s my extra tips for doing “Site Research“: –

the quickest and easiest way I know of to fins out what keywords are bringing traffic to a site just paste the site url in to this site: –

SEO Digger

and if you use firefox as your browser it can make life a lot quicker and easier for doing backlinks and other research on a site if you have the plugin installed.

you can see me making use of the plugin for site research on the video here: –

Register Compass Review

the video is for a different product (for finding expired domainsĀ  with PageRank), but I use the SEOQuake plugin to check the quality of the backlinks to the site, the age of the site, and other useful bit of info…

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