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Simple Money Spell To Attract Financial Abundance

Simple Money Spell To Attract Financial Abundance

If you are just starting out in casting white magic spells or your completely new to magic then this spell is for you. This is a straight forward simple money spell to help increase financial abundance in your life. It helps you to solve difficult economic problems and draw cash into your life effectively. It works just as well for small business or companies. If you are more advance and would prefer more advance spells click this link.

To cast the simple money spell, you will need:

  • A gold chain
  • A gold ring
  • Three yellow spell candles

As a good spell casting practice we cast a circle for protection so to ward off evil spirts and negative energy. So lets begin, cast a circle of protection. Put the yellow candles in front of you in the form of a triangle. Light the candles placing the gold ring and gold chain in the middle of the triangle. Visualise the centre of the triangle filling with prosperity energy and all the abundance of the universe.

Get into this visualisation as strongly as you can then chant the simple mantra below three times:

Wealth, abundance and prosperity,

Flow into my life and set me free.

It is my will;

So mote it be.

Completing the chant take the gold ring put it on the gold chain then put the chain around your neck. While feeling the prosperity energy connecting with your own energy, wear the gold chain as often as you can. Wearing the chain will now attract money and finacial abundance into your life.

Don’t forget to be grateful for all that the universe have previously provided and will provide for you.

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