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Resale Rights Software – The Quick Way to Selling Software Online

There’s many different ways that it’s possible to build a successful online business, but one of the most powerful, and potentially most profitable, is selling your own software.

Software is generally perceived as a high value product (or service), usually because it either solves a problem for the customer, or saves them time, or both, so the benefits of the right software tool to a customer is likely to outweigh the cost many, many times over.

It’s for this very reason that software is often easier to sell than other digital or information products.

The downside is the development costs involved…

That’s where good old “Resale Rights” products come in!

Personally I have several websites selling software programs that I bought the resale rights for that have made me massive returns compared to the initial investment I made in the product, so I know from experience this can be a great additional source of revenue to an existing business, or even a great way to start a fresh online business.

Admittedly it’s generally not as easy to find good software tools with reseller rights or private label rights (plr), certainly not as easy as it is to find ebooks and other info products…

but once in a while an offer comes along that’s just “ticks all the boxes”!

Yesterday fellow internet marketer Eric Holmlund opened the doors on a 7 day only firesale of a massive collection of internet marketing software tools with resale rights…

The important bit to note there is that this is only going to be available for 7 days, the offer will be taken down on August 22nd, and that’s not some kind of marketing ploy, Eric’s run 7 day only sales like this one before and he ALWAYS closes them after 7 days…

You can check out the video here – Epic Firesale

The programs all come with pre-written sales pages and full user manuals.

The user manual are in pdf and word doc format, so you can change them or add stuff to them, put your own name on them etc…

here’s the list of software included, there’s 33 in total: –

  1. Easy PR Booster
  2. Email Protector
  3. My Ad Rotator
  4. Intelligent 404
  5. Blogging Ninja (automate your blog posting)
  6. Content Maximizer
  7. Synonym Miner
  8. Traffic Scorpion
  9. Modal Popup Maker (create unblockable popups)
  10. Project Manager
  11. Testimonial Tool
  12. Keyword Tool
  13. Keyword Ninja
  14. Keyword Harvester
  15. List Cleaner
  16. Adword Analyst
  17. PPC Campaign Calculator
  18. Competition Equalizer
  19. Conversion Equalizer (custom landing page creator)
  20. Article Analyzer
  21. Article Indexer
  22. Merge Articles
  23. Google Rank Analyzer
  24. Link Partner Analyzer
  25. PR Ninja
  26. Instant Content Creator
  27. My Blog Announcer
  28. My RSS Converter
  29. Find & Replace
  30. FTP Uploader
  31. Site Searcher
  32. Email Assistant
  33. Xyber Brander (can be used with the other programs to add your own adverts to the software tool for viral cross promotion)

but that’s not all, Eric has a habit of seriously over delivering, so he’s also including an extra 15 ebooks with sales pages: –

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Blogging Your Way To Financial Success
  3. Blog Operations
  4. Content Management Solutions
  5. Joint Ventures
  6. Maximize Your AdSense CTR
  7. Newsletter Publications
  8. Opt-in Mailing Lists
  9. PPC Marketing
  10. Profit Equalizer
  11. SEO Strategies Part 1
  12. SEO Strategies Part 2
  13. Traffic Generation
  14. Viral Marketing
  15. Website Design & Development

AND a software development guide so you can learn how to get your own software tools designed…

AS WELL AS a 7 Day Workshop for Setting Up Your Online Business including 7 days of step by step tutorial videos

all in all it’s a pretty mad offer, you’re effectively getting 48 products that you can resell for just over $2 each!!!

I’ve obviously already grabbed my own copy, remember it’s only open for the next 7 days… Epic Firesale

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