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Article Explosion has re-opened today for just 33 new members!

They’ve not been accepting new members since they sold out a couple of months ago, they keep the number of members down to keep things exclusive and add REAL VALUE for their members…

I’ve posted a bunch of the testimonials from existing members on below so that you can see for yourself HOW GOOD this is is.

AE is the simplest way of getting in to AdSense, as they do pretty much EVERYTHING FOR YOU…

You can grab yourself a spot here: –

Ready Made AdSense Business


Article Explosion absolutely ROCKS!! For years I build sites by hand and waited like everyone else for indexing which felt as if it would never come.. I am here to tell you I built my air conditioning site on Friday.. 4 days ago and it is ALREADY INDEXED IN GOOGLE!!!!!!!! I was utterly speechless when looking at my 4 day old site indexed in all it’s glory.. THANK YOU nothing I have ever used to date has ever .. ever gotten these kinds of results!!! Just thought a huge hug and thanks were also in order!!!

YES.. you most certainly may use my testimonial. I have never been so tickled pink with something as I am the rate indexing has occurred using your scripts. I expect my 2nd site to be indexed today if it goes as fast as the first one. You can also tell them I said your support promptness is 2nd to NONE!!! Good news…my ___ site is now indexed, making the 2nd site to be indexed within 4 days..
YIPPIE!!!!!! and WOW is all I can say!!

Dorene Patterson


My first site was picked up by Google in less than a week so I know you’re promotion system works. It took me three months to get into Google with my own work. Thanks for the assistance, Ellery.

Tina Spriggs


I do wish it was you and your sites that I had started with last March instead of MW.  I would be much further ahead, had a more enjoyable time and ended up with a much superior product.  My MW sites are embarrassing compared with the quality of your work.

Mark Schwartz


Everything is going well and my business is starting to take off. Am I ever glad I took your advice. My growth in revenue with your sites whilst still small is growing exponentially. All I can say is the future is looking very bright indeed. To give you an idea of why I’m excited. The first week of every month is producing more than the whole of the previous month without exception, and is covering my memberships my hosting etc with a small profit. Not bad when you consider that my first sites went live in February plus I was a complete beginner when I met you online and didn’t even know how to ftp. And I have you to thank for getting me started with your good advice and kind words of encouragement. I really appreciate your help. As an absolute beginner in website publishing I have learnt more from you and your materials in the last few weeks, than I have in the last three years listening to the so called gurus. It makes a pleasant change for someone to not only supply exactly what they said they would. But to also give support that until now I have never enjoyed. And I have bought into some deals with the big names in iternet marketing. Who seem to sell you one part of the jigsaw only to then try and sell you the next ten thousand pieces. You come to me as a breath of fresh air Ellery, and I look forward to having a long and mutually prosperous working relationship with you.


Ian Jackson


I thought I’d let you know that I recently (last couple of weeks) brought May’s articles online, and got them indexed pretty quickly. I’ve done this before though, so it wasn’t entirely novel, but it is novel that I’m getting traffic and clicks on these sites already (!). I’ve only promoted one of them, and the others are somehow picking up traffic on their own, and getting click-revenue on their own. It isn’t a ton, but for being under the first month I’m floored.

What also floors me is the fact that since it has started, it hasn’t dropped off at all. If anything it has increased slightly in frequency, indicating phantom growth. So I have at least nine sites that I have done nothing but place online, and within two maybe three weeks MAX, I’ve already started to see revenue. It isn’t a lot, but I have to say I’ve had sites that have been online now for a good four months, and have just now started getting this kind of sustained attention. Thought you’d appreciate the feedback.

Mark Squire


Your product is tops. I used to belong to ____ ____’s monthly templates but was very disappointed in comparison to your product it just couldn’t live up.

Keep up the great work,

Ken Kudra

Thanks for all your hard work on Article Explosion. I think it’s the best membership of it’s type on the net.
Scott Bailey


You can grab yourself a spot here: –

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