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My “crap filter” kicked in big time earlier today!

I paid for access to a membership site, that was released yesterday, as the sales page gave me the distinct impression that it would include some real valuable information.

I was wrong.

See, even I get it wrong now and then!

I was only in the members area for a few minutes before I started to get a sinking feeling as to the “value” of this “product”/service.

the sales page is VERY well written and I honestly believed I would discover something new and useful, or at least a tactic/method/way of making money online, or a new angle, or a new step by step plan, or something…

I didn’t find anything that I didn’t already know, now that could be because I’ve been making money online for quite a while, but I think the information provided will actually be pretty dissapointing to pretty much anyone one other than an internet “newbie”…

The members area consists of some pretty basic information on:

a. Article Marketing
b. Wholesale Products and selling them on eBay
c. “low cost” AdWords PPC for traffic
d. outsourcing

I’ve already sent my refund request and membership cancellation.

I guess you probably want to know what the product/site is, or have you guessed already..?

well, it’s Quick Fire Profits from Matt and Rob Benwell.

One of the reasons I was so surprised and disappointed at the quality was that I’ve been a fan of previous stuff from Rob.

Let’s hope he picks up the game again before he releases any more new products.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of dissapointing products, I read a copy of “Website Profits, How To Make Money Flipping Websites” by Peter Lee earlier this week and I cant really recommend that either.

There’s some reasonable info in there, but it’s way to light on real detail, and for the methods it’s covering, it really needs that level of details to make sure you don’t get it wrong and LOSE money….

rather than leave this email on a negative note, I thought I’d see if I could find something useful on the subject of article marketing for you, as it can be very a very powerful tactic for both list building and making money from affiliate commissions.

I remembered that I picked up the private label rights for an Article Marketing ebook a little while ago, and whilst I don’t have the rights to give it away to you for free, I can offer it pretty darned cheap!!!

for a limited time anyway…

if you’re interested in Article Marketing, you can check it out here:

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