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I’m a bit late reviewing this one, which I have to apologise for as it’s actually a really good ebook.

I mentioned in an email before the holidays that I’d been asked to review a specific ebook to see if it’s worth getting.

the book in question is called Project Quick Cash from Alok Jain and I managed to read through it over the holidays.

You could easily get the impression from the title of the book that it’s about quick methods for generating cash online, when, in my opinion, there’s quite a lot more to the book than that.

Some of the tactics and methods covered are pretty powerful and useful and likely to continue generating an income for quite some time.

The book is 82 pages long and cover 5 main “Tactics”.

The “Spike 2” technique is perfect for automating with the Auto Social Poster if you use blogs, to make it almost “hands free”.

Technique #3 would also rock if used in combination with the “adwords alternative” book I mentioned a few weeks ago (AdWords Alternative).

Technique #4, “Super Placement”, is the best guide to actually using this “secret” and underused adwords ppc method that I’ve seen…

Techniqe #5 “leaching on a launch” is one that I have used many times with great success, especially the tip on page 74, which is something I use on a regular basis, and the “domain twist” can also be very helpful for article marketing…

take a look for yourself here:

Project Quick Cash

Oh, and if you would like to grab a $10 discount just click on the “close window” button in your browser and you should get a pop-up offering you a $10 discount…
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