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Push Button Site Building System

site building and promotion with no technical skills required!?!

how can that be possible….?

go get the Big Green Button Now – Get The Big Green Button

Is this what you want..? A system that –

~ Doesn’t take a lot of time to implement
~ Works whether you are a technical genius or a complete internet newbie
~ Doesn’t require a lot of capital to start
~ Is realistic in it’s results (in other words can build a income of $2-6k per month without having to work all hours of the day)

there’s videos showing it all in action as well, so you can see just how easy this is to use –

Get The Big Green Button

this is from the guys that run the very best private label articles site on the net, so their pedigree has already been proven..

it’s a desktop based app (so you’re in control) that includes: –

  • Site Creation – it creates fully SEO optimized (LSI Silo based if you’re an seo geek) html based web sites
  • Content Management – the content is included for you, with fresh content provided each month
  • Site Templates – there’s already 25 fresh new templates to pick from for your new sites
  • AdSense Monetization built in, with additional monetization methods coming (e.g. ebay, clickbank, Amazon & Kontera)
  • Keyword Research – yup, this has been done for you, no need fo you to do any hard work here… 🙂
  • Backlinks – there’s a network of 10,000 blogs for you to get backlinks to your new sites from!!!
  • RSS Feed Submission – there’s a tool built in to do this for you, more time saved!
  • Social Bookmarking – yup, there’s also a built in tool to take care of this…
  • $0-6,000 a month training plan – there’s no point in having all those tools if you can’t make use of them, so there’s a training plan to make sure you get on the right track and follow it through!

and a whole bunch more.. sorry, this is already turning in to a longer post than I want to write, so just go check it out yourself –

Get The Big Green Button

oh, and there’s limited places, which will go fast, these guys closed the doors to this over 5 months ago, they mean it when they say there’s a limit!

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