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One of my business partners, Rich Daniels (who also happens to be a good mate), has just opened a new membership site and I’ve been having a bit of a nose around inside over the last few days to check it out.

I was expecting it to be good, as Rich always likes to “over deliver”, but I was a bit surprised at just how much he’s already put in there and how much more he is planning on adding over the coming months.

We’ve seen a bunch of membership sites released recently by some “big names” in internet marketing, and, apart from Ewen Chia’s, they’ve tended to turn out to be a bit disappointing.

Rich’s site ALREADY has MORE VALUE in it than most of these others have added in the last couple of months!

Most of these “big names” seem to think that their membership site is just a great way to “upsell” more tools and products to you. Rich on the other hand is including the tools he has developed for his own business in the membership site, but that’s how it should be really, isn’t it?

I guess that’s why Rich has ended up being a good friend as well as a business partner, he’s the real deal. Of course, he has the advantage that his business is already making him a very nice living from non “internet marketing” markets, like health, so he can afford to be generous and give you the tools that he’s used to build up his business, as well as showing you how to use them the best way.

The site includes everything you need to start building your own business now, like detailed blueprints (and videos) on stuff like Info Product Creation, getting your products made for you (outsourcing), getting Joint venture partners, as well as tools for running you affiliate program and increasing conversions with psychological selling techniques.

I’ve seen blueprints and tools like these being sold by other “internet marketers” for $67, $97 or more EACH!!!

Rich may not be a “big name” in the internet marketing world yet, but I reckon he’s going to be soon! Although I suspect there’s going to be a few of these “big names” who get ticked off with him for offering so much damned value in one site, he’s going to force them to raise their game…  😀 

He’s already got the new material for the next 4 months ready to be added to the site, you can check out what’s coming up on the “sales page” itself, and how often do you see that…

Most sales pages are long on the “blurb” and short on the details of what you ACTUALLY get, not this one!

now think about that for a moment…

How many other membership sites actually show you what’s coming..?

Perhaps they just want to get you in and then don’t really care that much about continuing to give you top quality content and tools in months to come, you can see that Rich DOES!

Profit Propulsion Lab

OK, so here’s the good news, as Rich is both a business partner and a good friend, I’ve managed to twist his arm to get a discount for you, 50% off in fact!!!

and that’s not just for the first month, that’s for as long as you remain a member…

and I know he’s going to put the price up soon, he simply doesn’t want too many people getting their hands on this stuff, I’m actually surprised at what he’s included already, these are his personal business tools that I didn’t expect him to ever share openly!

Please grab this opportunity now, I know that you will find it one of the best (if not THE best) investment you make for both 2007 and the coming year…

Profit Propulsion Lab


thanks again for all your recent feedback, I’ve just bought two new reports that look promising (one on PLR and one on alternatives to AdWords) as a result of replies from readers, so I’ll be checking these out and letting you know whether they live up to their “sales promise” in the coming week." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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