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How to use Private Label Rights Ebooks

Some people love PLR and others just don’t seem to “get it”…

Personally I love it, but then I’ve used PLR to make a lot of money over the years, you’ve just gotta know how to do it, although there are a whole host of ways you can do it.

To help you out I’ve got hold of a free report for you called “25 Ways To Reuse PLR Content”, it’s 37 pages long and has some great info in it.

here’s where you can grab it [no optin required, direct links]: –

zip download – 25 Ways To Reuse Private Label Rights Ebooks download
open the pdf & read online – 25 Ways To Reuse Private Label Rights Ebooks pdf

and here’s a bit of an idea of the stuff it covers: –

~ What Is PLR and How It Can Help Your Internet Business

~ Most PLR Content Sucks!

~ The Three R’s

~ REDUCE Make Money With Your Content by Trimming and Cutting

1. Take Advantage of the Less is More Trend
2. Use Lite Versions or Excerpts As Freebies or in Giveaway Promotions! >> N.B. This is an excellent Tip!!! <<
3. Reduce and Email
4. Blog Away >> No more content creation headaches!!! <<
5. Slice and Slim Content for Article Directories
6. Creating Content for Free Publicity

~ RECOMPILE Combine and Conquer

7. Make a High-Ticket Course
8. Beautiful Bonuses
9. Recover Lost Sales
10. Create a Coaching Program
11. Create a Membership Empire
12. Be Authoritative!
13. Focus Your Content
14. Media Medium Transformation >> This is a real powerful tip, for getting traffic as well as sales <<
15. Create a Lead-Generator
16. Get Viral!
17. Do a Paid Presentation
18. Archive the Live
19. Become an e-Teacher
20. Innovate With A Whole New Format!
21. Retired Product Rebirth
22. Make a Content-Based Web Page
23. Sell the Resell Rights to Your Products
24. Revise and Resell!
25. Lead a Double Life

as an extra tip, one of my favorit things to do with good plr reports is to simply setup an automated blog and have a bunch of links to the sales/squeeze page as a static page on the blog and just let the autoposting stuff get on with it, set and forget! 🙂

Note: If you don’t know how to set up an “auto blog”, make sure you’ve opted in to my newsletter as I will be sharing a lot more about how I set these up in the coming weeks.

Obviously this freebie report has some links in it to a new PLR package that’s just been released, don’t act all suprised 😉

BUT there is some really useful tips and suggestions in there as well on how to get the most out of your private label rights ebooks, so it is well worth reading [imho]!

The package it mentions is the 10th released by a PLR expert, Jeremy Burns, he’s been doping this for quite a few years and his stuff is top quality!

The 10 brand new plr packages include: –

1. Law of Attraction Marketing for the Internet
2. Banner Ads Are Back
3. Ben Franklin’s Guide to Internet Marketing Success
4. FaceBook Power Ads
5. Internet Guru Training Camp
6. Creating iPad Apps
7. Local Internet Marketing Empire
8. Micro Project Outsourcing
9. Social Media Management For Celebrities
10. How To Become A Work At Home Mom

here’s what you get: –

~ Full Master Resale & Rebranding Rights

~ MS Word Source File & PDF

~ Simple Rebranding Instructions

~ Full Web site – Just add your name, payment links, and upload!

~ 3 Full Graphics Packages

~ Pre-written Sales Letter (not all plr packages include this, and it makes it a LOT easier to get it up for sale yourself)

what you can do with them: –

# Sell Them – obviously you can just pop them up for sale yourself, just add your name and an order button and you’re good to go!

# Create Traffic – you can use the content in the for articles for your blogs or article directory submissions for traffic

# Sell Resale Rights – you can easily double your investment in the whole of this package by just selling the resale rights for a couple of the courses…

# Make Them Your Own – if you just spend a few hours changing the titles, graphics and the salesletter you end up with a brand new 100% unique product of your own, with NO COMPETITION!

{Jeremy is also including a 2 hour audio course on how to do this}

This last is the most powerful option, imho, as you could then use them as listbuilding or bonus products, as well as being able to sell them…

here’s the link for the PLR offer itself ~> Source Code Goldmine v10

and here’s the links for the free report again: –

zip download – 25 Ways To Reuse Private Label Rights Ebooks download
open the pdf & read online – 25 Ways To Reuse Private Label Rights Ebooks pdf

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Comment by Brenda Svoboda
2010-09-04 08:10:12

Now I have even more ways to use the ton of PLR I’ve been hoarding. Thanks!



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