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I must admit I’ve gone back and read the sign up page for this one several times, as it just seems to good to be true, but they’ve got some major players on board, like HBO, Taco Bell, and Harley Davidson.

it’s called PayPerPlay.
it’s free to join.
and you get paid for every visitor to your site!!!

yup, I told you it sounded to good to be true, but I’m sure not going to miss out on trying it out…

PayPerPlay Ads

they also credit you for referrals on two levels, so this is going to spread like wildfire!
we’re all going to be bombarded with promo emails about this from every side over the next few weeks, mark my words!

If you know anyone with a list of subscribers, or a site that gets ANY traffic, sign up now and send them a quick email telling them about it, you could end up earning a nice residual income from introducing just a few people…

I’m teling you first, but as soon as I’ve sent this email out to you I’m going to be getting in touch with everyone I know!

PayPerPlay Ads

So what’s it actually about?

Well, it’s a new advertising system that plays a 5 second audio “advert” when someone visits your website.

It’s got some very big players involved simply because big TV networks are losing their “market share” to websites hand over fist!

People are spending more and more time online and less watching TV, as well as watching less adverts on TV, especially as their are all these new bits of technology that allow us all to automatically record out favorite shows and fast forward through the adverts, thank god! 🙂

So PayPerPlay is seen as the way forward for putting ads bck in front of us all, but this time instead of the big TV networks getting the advertising revenue, any website owner can grab their share…

At last their seems to be a system that is a very REAL alternative to AdSense for a simple quick way of making money from any website, and people don’t even need to click on the ads for you to get paid, it’s automatic!

cool or what!

go sign up now and get started on sending out some emails:

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