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Parking a Domain or Site [For Profit]

I have to admit I have a bit of an addiction to buying domains, I own over 700 at present!

I have cut down over the last couple of years though, from several thousand in fact…

and if you’re anything like me you’ve probably got a few of them too.

you know how it goes: –

~ you get an idea for a product or niche..
~ then rush off and do the keyword research..
~ find a cool keyword based domain name..
~ register the domain..
~ and then never get around to setting up the site because you get sidetracked on something else!

sound familiar..? 🙂

well with this system you can get a site set up on these domains dead quick so they can start pulling in some cash to pay for themselves AT LEAST!

BUT you can ALSO do the same by just doing some basic keyword research and picking keyword based domains with low competition.

this is one of those “unspoken” little secrets in SEO, YES backlinks do make a massive difference to your SEO rank, BUT if you go for a low competition “long tail” keyword, then simply getting a domain name that matches those keywords can sometimes be enough in itself to get you ranked on the first page of google!!!

I’ve done this many, many times myself, and when I’m picking a new domain name I choose one that targets the keywords I want to rank for.

for example just yesterday I registered a new domain that is targeting the keywords “free site traffic” and ended up registering the domain, it’s actually kinda cool as it also targets the keywords “free traffic system”, so a double whammy! 🙂

so you could easily use this site parking system, combined with low competition keyword targeted domains to build a network of simple, hands free “auto” adsense sites!

although obviously the main idea behind this system is to allow you to make some money from all those “spare” domains you’ve registered but not done anything with yet.

but here’s another idea, you could build a business around this system using expired domain names with existing backlinks & traffic that you can find with a service like

check out the video for the system here: –

~> Domain Parking Script

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