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Paid PPC or Fre SEO, Which is right for you?

It’s another one of those stupidly busy days…

the real question is, are you in to PPC (pay per click) automated affiliate campaigns?

yes = Google Assassin

or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) free traffic?

yes = Free SEO Traffic

what’s my preference?

well, the google assassin thing looks wicked, but I’m an old fashioned SEO geek at heart and I always prefer free traffic to paid, so if I was only getting one, I’d go with the SEO one…

Free SEO Traffic

of course I’ll probably end up getting both, just so I can try out Chris McNeeney’s latest masterpiece..  :roll: 

I’d love to hear what you think though, so please chip in with your comments and opinions on the pros and cons of the two systems…" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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