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I’ve been ignoring a big launch that’s been going on this week simply because of the sheer amount of hype involved. From previous experience I’ve found that a lot of products that are as “hyped” up as this one don’t actually deliver what the sales letter promises.

Well, I have to admit that I succumbed today, thanks to an email from a fellow internet marketer who’s opinion I respect, and possibly the beer I had at lunch time. 🙂

I realised it was a good decision before I’d even opened up the book, as the huge pile of extra “Un-announced” bonuses on the download page was pretty damned impressive!

It’s gonna take me days to read through it all, but I’m going to as having had just a quick peek at the bonus stuff, there’s some REALLY useful info in there.

But what about the book itself?

Well the title is deliberately “controversial” to grab people’s attention, which is often a way of hiding that there’s nothing of real use in the product on offer.

I’m not going to say I’ve had chance to go through the book in detail yet, I only downloaded it an hour ago, but from the bits that I’ve read, it does actually deliver.

If you’ve ever wondered how internet marketers can make so much money week after week, this will show you exactly how and give you enough info to do the same yourself.

The stuff on Private Label rights products is dynamite!

I’m heading off camping for a few days next week with my kids and I’m going to print off a hard copy of this to take with me and digest properly, it’s that good…

Oh, the price is just $37 at the moment, which is a bargain for just the bonuses, let alone the book itself, but the price is going up tomorrow, so go take a look now…" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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