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Comment by Mike D
2008-12-01 11:29:33

Here’s a real newbie saying something now so forgive my comments and please accept the fact that I’ve only just started Bloging.- Got no idea what I’m doing, but now is the time to make a comment.
I’ve been looking for Internet marketing lessons/courses for a little while now, especially those which are produced by the people at the top of the field. However, I always come across one of my major “Hold Backs” so I’m still looking.

What’s your major holdback you may ask?

OK, I’ll tell you, but before I do, understand that this is a “fact” of my life and it cannot be changed …. yet! That’s why I’m going to succeed in this – I gaurantee it.

Here we go then … I’m disabled (although you wouldn’t think so by looking at me), and because of that reason the only income I receive is the disabilty allowance the government gives me …. a pitance!
So, my so called income is barely enough to live on and that’s why I’ve decided to “Get on the Internet and earn a decent living” – as much as I want, as often as I like and by supplying others with whatever they’re looking for – especially information.

One of the first things I’m going to do is FREELY give a guide on how to start on the internet, ie: browsers to use, emails to use, IM’s to chat, web cams, skype and so on. Then, again FREE, what to avoid on the internet, places to gather knowledge about the internet, how to surf, save, copy, use folders, download, computor security and so on.

I’ll keep supplying all this information for FREE. Why? because I already know that thre are millions of people out ther looking for it, who have very little or no money at all, and who would love to set up a business but don’t know how, etc, etc.

Anyway, sorry about that, I’ve sort of gone off the issue here, so what’s my COMMENT?

The lessons/guide’s or whatevr else they’re called, which are written by some of the top guru’s and others about to have the same status, write and sell some of the best guides and “How To’s” on the Internet, regardless of the niche. I’m more than aware of that, even though I have never had the privelage of affording to read any. But the comments and experiences of those who have and are lucky enough to be able to follow there information, always speak highly of there purchase and the information they’ve received from them.

Why can’t these gurus and all those at the top, supply the information freely?

Surely they would get even more people “opting in” to sights/memberships if this was done because, 1: they are offering something to a large percentage of the Internet AND off-liners who are in there own section of this planet – the poor, the disabled, the “I can’t take a chance” people and probably, well, definately more than those. … 2: people love to be helped …. help them … they won’t forget it. There will be a bond, a friendship and most importantly, a trust.

I think I’ve said enough eh? – Told you I was new at this and I’ve only just started!

Come on, leave your comment about Tony Shepherd and Sara Browns offer being made here. But before you do, I have to admit that I have nothing against them or there offer, or any other guru etc., I just wish I was in the posistion to afford offers like these and it’s so damn anoying when I can’t. So if you can …. do it! do it now and never stop gathering infromation from your piers, ie: Tony Shepherd and Sara Brown.

Ta-ra all, take care and good luck in 2009

Comment by admin
2008-12-01 17:12:32

Hi Mike,

wow, long comment! 🙂

I’ve got two quick comments in response: –

1. you’re on exactly the right track by realising the best thing to do to get started is to help others with the problems they have in getting started online, so your free reports should be very wellreceived and popular!

2. the best way (imho) to start if you’re on a limited budget is with a blog and some article marketing.

have you grabbed a copy of my free blog setup guide from ?

Matt Garrett

Comment by Mike D
2008-12-02 09:43:54

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your comment and suggestions, everything helps.
Funnily enough, yes, I have downloaded your copy of the free “Blog Tactics” and will be reading all of it one evening this week. Can’t wait to get my teath into it. If I don’t forget, I’ll give you an ‘imho’ straight from a beginners point of view, testimony. With all the read-ups and your name plastered all over the net, I already have a good opinion of you – you must be proud to be in such a position. (That’s why I’m glad I found this Blog.
Anyway, thank you once again Matt,
Take care and may 2009 be an even better year for you.


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