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Neil Shearing is one of those old school internet marketers who’s been making money online since way back in 1998, and he doesn’t release stuff very often simply because he only publishes top class info and products.

In fact, his Internet Marketing Blueprint was one of the very first internet marketing course I ever bought, it was good, I just didn’t “take action” and use the info in it back then, doh!

So when he releases something new I always pay attention!

As a long standing customer and friend he let me get early access to his new product “Passive Cashflow Secrets” and I’m glad to say, it’s another GREAT product..

Click here to check it out:
Passive Cashflow Secrets

This Video course reveals the simple secrets that keep so many people from really being able to make a solid living online, sepcifically how to do the work once and get paid again and again.

This month alone, using the advice in video #7, I’ve managed to build up an extra $3,239 in recurring income streams, and $1,180 of that came in just one day from one source (no, it wasn’t an email to my list)…

Understanding and using your tips is the best way I know of building a real income that will last!

I’ve got two seperate bonuses on offer…

1. for the first 25 people who grab a copy through the link below I will send a list of the top 10 recurring affiliate programs that I have had the most success with, i.e. made money from!

This will make sense once you’ve watched video #7 in Neil’s course.

I’ll also reveal what the one thing I did earlier this month that brought in $1,180 in recurring income in one day, and another $1,000+ since was…

2. for the first 25 people who take advantage of the One Time Offer for the Auto Smart Sites Script I will let you choose a free domain name (from a list of 35+) that is already indexed in google and has Pagerank 2.

this will give you a huge headstart in building and making money from your Auto Smart Site as it will get the pages picked up by Google and start earning money for you quickly.

These sites have all had some linking work done for them already, like directory submissions, hence the PR2.

I set up a site using this script and one of these PR2 domains myself just five days ago and it already has 6 pages indexed in Google and is starting to bring in money from AdSense…

just cli.c.k on the link below and then send me a copy of your receipt to mat at mat4 dot com

click here:
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