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Maximum Money Blueprints Review

I managed to get a review copy of Maximum Money Blueprints from Fabian, so I’ve taken the time to look through them all and do a full review for you, I hope you find it useful…

Note: don’t be put off by the first 2, they get better, a LOT better… 🙂

Blueprint #1 : Pay Per Install – personally not keen on the first blueprint as I’m not of a fan of the product used for monetization, but it can be used to monetize almost any type of site/traffic

score: 4/10

Blueprint #2 : ArticleMarketing – this one does have lots of solid info, although nothing hugely groundbreaking if you’re already familiar with article marketing, the best tips are on page 21 & 22, and if you’re not aware of these they could make a pretty big difference to how much you make from your article marketing efforts…

score: 6/10

Blueprint #3 : Keyword Research is a topic close to my heart, partly because I’ve done massive amounts of it over the last decade for my own sites, but also because it’s where everything else starts, get it wrong and you’ve got problems, get it right and you massively increase your chances of making significant profits…

AND nothing beats that odd occaision where you find a “gold nugget” niche!

Technique #1 in this blueprint is not only a fantastic tactic, but it can also be a lot of fun, catch the right one and you can be in for quite a ride (and big, quick profits)!

it’s also something you can do on a very tight budget, if not zero cost entirely, so ideal as a cash generator to give you some working capital to invest in other methods covered. It can also been done with minimal time investment, so a real winner if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of spare time to get going.

potentially you could also combine the first blueprint with this one to make even more cash…

Technique #2 is the best way of uncovering those odd “gold nuggets” that I mentioned earlier, it’s not only one of the most underused keyword research tactics, it can also be one of the most rewarding…

the blueprint also gives some excellent resources to use to monetize these “gold nuggets”.

this blueprint is highly valuable all on it’s own…

score: 8/10

Blueprint #4 : is all about Blogging, which is a very large part of my own business model/blueprint, as I have several hundred blogs in a wide variety of niches, so I know just how important and powerful blogging can be.

I wouldn’t say the blueprint is groundbreaking in it’s coverage, but it gives you all the knowledge (and relevant resources) you need to start creating a profitable network of blogs easily.

I’ve actually read (and paid for) a lot of blogging guides that cost more than all of these blueprints put together and didn’t cover succesful blogging as thoroughly or well as this blueprint does, Fabian manages to cover a heck of a lot and still keep it simple.

the blueprint covers a whole bunch of ways to monetize blogs that you don’t oftne see, but that I know from personal experience can be very powerful, pay special attention to the resources/sites covered on pages 22 to 24!

score: 9/10

Blueprint #5 : “Emergency Cash” is a very popular topic nowadays, with so many people simply looking for a way to bring in some extra cash to cover regular bills that they’re struggling with.

It also happens to be an area that I know Fabian knows a LOT about and has previously developed whole products/courses around (partly because, as he admits, he’s ben there himself), so I wasn’t surprised to find this one spot on!

Now I’ll admit that I’m probably not as “qualified” to review this blueprint as  the others simply becuase it’s not an “area of expertise” of my own, but I’ve certainly used many of the resources and services that he covers, so I have no doubt that the tactics he covers will work…

The downside of some of these methods is that you’re simply doing a “job” online, so you’re doing the work once and getting paid once (effectively trading your time/skills for a one off payoff), as opposed to building a long term, “hands free/low maintenance” business, but if you need cash in a hurry, that may well be the best way to buy you the breathing space you need to then work on some of the tactics covered on the other blueprints.

The blueprint does cover so many options and tactics that anyone should be able to find something that they can do.

the one thing I do think was missing from this was using Fiverr (possibly with an automated software tool) to build a quick income, but you can check out my simple ideas for that on a recent blog post I did here: –

score: 8/10

Blueprint #6 : Info Products – this is obviously a topic that Fabian excels at, so it’s no surprise that it’s another blueprint that’s chock full of real, solid, actionable advice and tactics…

it’s also the one with, imho & “inpe” (in my personal experince), the most potential for not only big profits, but a serious long term reliable income/business.

I’m impressed that the blueprint covers so much without getting overly technical or bogged down, and includes some stuff that you don’t see very often, some very useful stuff at that!

This is another blueprint that Fabian could easily have sold on it’s own for the same price (or more) as all 7 blueprints!

score: 9/10

Blueprint #7 : Social Marketing, obviously including the biggies (facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers & Youtbue), which is a very hot topic at the moment for obvious reasons, there are new fortuens being made right now just using these authority sites.

This blueprint shows that Fabian’s knowledge is bang up to date, he again covers all the bases, throws is some excellent resources, as well as giving clear concise advice and tips on what you shuld be doing right now with social media, without any time wasting “fluff”.

score: 7/10

Summary: I’ll admit that when I first opened up the zip file and took a look at what was included I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting, but that’s probably because I got hold of my copy as a review copy and hadn’t seen the salepage before hand.

When I then had a look through the 1st blueprint I was a bit dissapointed, but that’s possibly because it’s a method that I’ve never used, don’t know very well and am not really keen to try, mostly because I stick to the things that work for me, which are covered in the later blueprints.

The 2nd blueprint didn’t help a lot, although it is thorough and covers more than many other courses I’ve read on article marketing, but again it’s probably a personal thing as article marketing is one of those things that I have done a LOT of over the last 7 or 8 years and whilst I may not know everything about it, I know more than enough to get good results, so I didn’t really learn anything new.

I guess that’s one of the problems of reviewing stuff when you’ve been doing online marketing for a decade… lol!

from there on in though I started to get seriously impressed…

I honestly believe that there are several of the blueprints that Fabian could have sold as stand alone products for the same price (or more) as the whole package of 7 blueprints.

In my professional opinion Fabian has delivered a solid set of blueprints that whilst they may not be great for a long term “pro” like myself, any newbie, beginner or intermediate aspiring internet marketer is going to get great value from.

The real strength here is that you get a whole variety of topics covered in thorough detail, so I am happy to give this a strong recommendation!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Note: there are another 5 blueprints available as a “one time offer” that I’ve not had chance to look through yet, but if they’re anywhere near as good as the first 7 then they’re going to be WELL WORTH the investment, so I’d highly recommend grabbing them as well while you can…

~> Maximum Money Blueprints

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