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Manifest Financial Abundance With Quantum Physics

Manifest Financial Abundance With Quantum Physics

In this article we are gin to explore How to manifest financial abundance using quantum physics and some quick methods on how to access the quantum world.

What is quantum physics?

There’s a lot of complexity about quantum mechanics, we ofter hear everywhere that quatum physics is a difficult subject for many to understand but lets show you what is all you need to know.

Number one, quantum physics is basically the science of how everything comes into existence, your cat, your house, your car, everything that comes into existence that we see with our physical eyes. It is explained through the elementary particles theories of how things come into our reality.

A few hundred years ago we have Isaac Newton “the apple fell from the tree and he deduced the theory of gravity”, this model was adopted standard and we started using Newtonian physics up until about 150 years ago. We then discovered the atom and how it works and understanding of the inner workings of the universe changed. Newtonian physics basically stated that everything you see is physically real and it’s set.

Quantum physics came along, and we now know that’s Newtonian physics is not true. You and I are basically flesh and bones cells. If we break ourselves down we get molecules and if we break the molecules down even further we get now the atom. The atom is basically a frequency or an energy vibration. It’s an energy source, the atom represents what we call a state of potential existence. This means everything you want or anything you desire is in a state of potential existence.

From this state of probability or potiential existence or we say we can collapse the wave when we determine the use of our attention or our intention. We can turn that attenetion or intention energy into what we see see as material or even perceived material, this is what we know as quantum physics.

How can we use this to create or manifest abundance in your life.

Quatum physiscs work in correlation with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind knows the quantum cheat code. It can decode on a quantum world level. We know universe exists in terms of energetic vibrational patterns and frequencies, your feelings are your vibrations. How you feel determines the elevation or level of your vibrational frequency. Your feeling determines your frquency which is already emitted in the universe. If you feel good or happy you raise your vibration and then youre attach to a frequency of feeling good and happiness. What happens when we place our attention on that feelings is we collapse the quatum wave. Remember in quantum physics we learn that our intention or attention possess the abilty to collapse the quatum wave.

To amalgame this theory to manifestations or creation we need to under stand the sub conscious mind. The subconscious mind only funtions to provide or arrange experiences we request. It taps into the quantum world and translates this information and it puts our vibrational requests in to something we can experience. That’s how powerful your subconscious mind is.

So manefesting or creation with quantum physics is basically the understanding that you have the power given to you through your brain your mind and your consciousness. We can play with this quantum world to attract whatever we desire.

A Dive A bit Deeper

To activate the subconscious we need to understand a coded language. its this understanding on the activation of the subconscious mind we can bring abundance to our lifes.

The code is simple, we use the right formulation of images and affirmations. We need to remember our subconscious mind is a question/answer generator and it must always answer our questions as an experience. Our conscious mind is also a question/answer generator but its different it answers our questions through logic. Our conscious mind can’t create this is why its important we use our subconscious mind when attemting manifestations or creations. Our Subconscious mind always answers our vibrational questions with experiences of our reality. If you want anything to change in your life you we must use images and subconscious mind to see the after effect of our desires.

Manifestation With the Subconscious Mind

Its a two step process.

  1. We must See the after effect it’s an image
  2. Give the coded language to our subconscious mind.

Here’s an example,

what would my life look like as a successful business owner, what would my life look like with $5,000 in my bank account, what would my life look like with 10 million dollars in my bank account, what would my life look like with my perfect mate, what my life look like as a lottery jackpot millionaire, what would my life look like as a successful investor.

Notice we use the words what will my life look like and not what would my life be. It’s very important because again this is the coded language. When you say the words look that’s a message or laguage the subcouncious mind responds to.

“What Would My Life Look like” uses the subconscious to from a vibrational image which in turn resonds with an experience.

“What Would My Life Be” uses the conscious mind to utilise logic to figure out how to get what you desire.

Manifestation and creation always comes from the subconscious mind.

Putting It All Together

Now that we can activate that subconscious mind to interact with the quantum world we now invite quantum physics to come into play. Whenwe understand our vibrational desire it is in this state we produce an image and paying attention or placing intetion on that image we collapse the quatum wave. It now becomes a definite thing and remember the subconscious mind must answer your question as experience.

This is the power of how to use quantum physics to create or manofest abundance.

So lets recap the key components,

  1. Manifested reality is a result of belief and or awareness that this is how the universe works, science is there to back that up.
  2. Utilize the subconscious mand and the coded language. The subconscous mind on ly works when the right questinons are asked.
  3. The after effect of the thought or the image of your desires unfolded afterwards that’s how you can use quantum physics to manifest financial abundance.

Alright so there its is, now you can use that to your advantage and see how powerful you really are. Our consciousness controls that quantum field.

This is really the basics about quantum mechanics and what we should know about quantum phyiscis and manifestation. There are deeper and more complex things but that’s all you need to know to make it work in your life. No need to become a PhD or know the exact science of our worlds, you just need to know how it works to help you.

If we apply this daily and it must become repetitive gradually you will see the improvements and the results in your life. This is what we call building momentum.

Everything exists has potential potentiality of existence. When you put your attention or intention and then using the correct language format for your subconscious you collapse that wave and then you can use this for any part of your life.

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