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We are all going to be getting quite a few emails today from internet marketing guru’s telling us to “go grab Mafioso Marketing now”!

Most, if not all, of them will be big on “hype” and short on details of what the report actually offers, as usual.

So I sat down with a cup of tea (no wine, it’s still daylight) and read the whole 69 pages to give you a summary of what you’ll get when you do “go grab your copy now!”

I’ve mentioned previously that most successful internet marketers (myself included) don’t just make money from the “internet marketing” market, they have products and services in a whole bunch ofother markets.

I’ve got Niche Sites in “niches” such as World of Warcraft, Bonsai Trees, Koi Carp, Tattoos, Skin Care and Hairstyles.

Part of the beauty of these sites is that once they’re up and running they take little to no work to keep running, and they keep pulling in profits week after week, month after month..

The Mafioso Marketing report is the best, and most complete, guide I’ve read on how to build an empire of these Niche sites.

Note: JD Swanson’s writing style is also a lot of fun, so you’ll probably enjoy reading the report as well, I did..

So, here’s some of my notes on what’s in the report:

1. take the time to watch the “Instant Cash Empire” videos mentioned on page 10, they’re not too long and they are worth the cost of the report on their own..

2. Page 12, second sentance – this is one of the most important things you need to understand to be succesful online, period!

3. Page 12, 5th paragraph – the sooner you realise this one, the sooner you will be able to follow the previous rule..

4. Page 12, paragraph 8 – I’m going to check this one out myself, as I’m paying over the top for this kind of service for one of my sites, and less cost = more profit!

5. Page 12, paragraph 9 – JD doesn’t actually mention where to get the best free html editer and pdf software, so I’ve linked to them on
or just go to www.nvu.vom and

6. Page 13, pay attention to JD’s 5 criteria for selecting the right “niche”, it’ll save you time and money, and make sure you pick a niche that will be profitable..

7. check out the second resource site mentioned on page 15, there’s some very useful stuff here to make niche research easy..

8. page 17 includes a GREAT example of how to get this right..

9. page 20, paragraph 8 – this will probably shock you, but yes it’s true and it’s one of the most important secrets to making money online..

10. page 21 – 22, I’m actually surprised that JD has shared these “sources”, most marketers would not even consider doing so!!

11. page 24, the last 5 paragraphs is a real sneaky and very effective tactic..

12. page 25, “step 1” I would actually recommend a different “resource” for this, one that doesn’t have fees to be paid every month and that actually gives you far more control.

N.B. When you grab your copy of Mafioso Marketing through my link, email me [ ask matt garrett ] a copy of your receipt and I’ll tell you exactly what you should use instead..

13. page 26, “step 3” – this is such an obvious one when you think about it, but most people miss it and it can make a MASSIVE difference, so do all the stuff listed in “Step 3”..

14. page 27, “step 5” – this is a real simple tip for article marketing that will save time and money, as well as working VERY well..

15. page 28, steps 7 & 8, these might seem a bit obvious, but again most people miss them out when they’re actually very effective, I get shed loads of new subscribers myself from Step 7, and I’m about to do step 8 to add to it..

16. page 29, paragraph 3 – you’d be surprised at how often you need to do this and what a difference just one or two emails can make to your bottom line..

17. page 29, step 10 – another powerful and under used tactic, simply becuase people don’t understand just how effective this is…

18. page 29, step 11 – yup, it’s true, this is where the REAL money is.

19. page 32, 33 and 34, you really need to understand this, get it right and your list will start building itself!

N.B. grab your copy of Mafioso Marketing through my link, email me [ ask matt garrett ] a copy of your receipt and I’ll tell you how to do number 2 on page 33 and include links without it appearing to be in your favor..

20. page 35 – 36, pay special attention to the last paragrapghs on page 35 and start of ae 36, this is VERY TRUE, I know from personal experience what a difference this can make..

21. page 42 – I wish I’d thought of this one myself, talk about powerful!!!
this is one of those tips that is worth the cost of this report all on it’s onw, even to someone like myself who already makes a living online..

22. page 43, pay attention to the last few paragraphs, people tend to worry about going up against competitors with an existing site/product, this bit of info is all you need to realise there is no reason for that fear, at all… 🙂

23. page 46 – 47, The last couple of paragraphs on page 47 and the first ones on page 48 reveal an SEO “Secret” that most SEO experts won’t mention to you, and it’s one that is WELL WORTH knowing, as it can quickly give you the TRUE competitiveness of any niche..

24. page 47, paragraphs 14, 15 & 16 – this stoopidly simple tactic will make you FAR MORE MONEY than plastering AdSense ads on a site like so many “newbies” do!!

25. page 48 “even more traffic..” – I know of several sources for this that are better (imho) than the one JD mentions, so when you’ve grabbed your copy of Mafioso Marketing through my link, email me [ ask matt garrett ] a copy of your receipt and I’ll share them with you..

26. page 50, one of my personal favorite traffic tactics, and one that brings me a LOT of traffic to my blogs and sites..

27. page 51, last paragraph, I’ve done exactly this and JD’s absolutley correct, it works..

28. page 53, paragraphs 12 & 13, I discovered this myself a while back and it’s made a HUGE difference to how much I earn online..

29. Page 54, pay special attention to this, it’s one of those “guru” secrets that doesn’t get talked about much and it can easily catapault your yearly income in to the mid to high 6 figures!!!

30. Page 55, first paragraph, LOL! this is SOO TRUE!!! (although possibly a little sexist..:)

31. page 57, I’ve never tried this in non “internet marketing” niches, but I’m going to real soon, I can see how powerful it is..

32. page 59, JD does make this part sound easier than it is, but it’s worth doing, whenb you’re ready to, as it’s how you can re4ally leverage your time and take your business to the next level..

33. page 60, again JD has given more than the value of the whole report in one page, or at least in the video he gives you the link to on this page. If you’ve ever struggled with writing articles, this will be the best video you ever watch..

34. page 61 – 63, the “midset” stuff, something which is so important, but most people just overlook, read this page and take it to heart and you’ll get what you “deserve” a damn site quicker..

35. page 64, first paragraph + next 5 pages – this is probably the biggest problem I have in my business and the toughest challenge I still face, so I’ve taken a whole bunch of personal notes from these last 6 pages..

In fact I’m going to make another cup of tea and re-read those pages to put some notes on my whiteboard.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve found this report to be VERY valuable to me and my business, it’s going to help me make even more money online.

It will do the same for you, whatever you’re level of experience..

f you’re a newbie it’s actually a complete plan for you to follow..

f you’re an experienced affiliate marketer I believe there’s a LOT of stuff in here that will make a VERY REAL difference to how much money you make online..

so I guess all those emails you receive today telling you to “JUST GO GAB YOUR COPY NOW!” were actually right, but I do wonder if they actually took the time to check out the report first..

you can get your copy of JD’s Mafioso Report here:

Mafioso Marketing

and thanks for taking the time to read all this, I hope it helped you, it certainly helped me!

UPDATE: If you purchased MM thorugh my link and find that the page numbers don’t match up to my review above, it’s because the report has been updated, with an extra 30 pages added.

I am going to get hold of an updated copy and make the necessary changes here asap." method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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