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You’ll probably be getting emails from a few marketers today about Larry Dotson’s Secrets Sale.

The sales letter says that you’ll get 1,000 PLR (Private Label Rights) Strategies.

Secrets Sale

I must admit I thought it was a good deal as I assumed that meant 1,000 articles, which for $37 would be good value, it’s over 2 and a half years worth of blog content, but..

I’ve had a look at what you actually get and it turns out they’re not actually articles, each one is just a couple of sentances, so they’re far from “in depth” strategies, they’re more like tips, and fairly basic ones at that.

Having said that, if you find it difficult to come up with ideas for articles to write for the internet marketing market, then this could well be useful as a source of “Ideas” for tips based articles, but you’ll need to expand each “strategy” in to a full article, so you’ll still need to do the work (or get it outsourced).

so am I recommending it or not..?

I suspect that most people who buy it will be dissapointed with what they get, as I think the sales letter is a bit missleading, I was certianly expecting that the 1,000 “strategies” would actually be articles, and they’re not, so unless you really do find yourself short of ideas for articles, I can’t really recommend it.

You can check out the salepage and make up your own mind here:

Secrets Sale

and if you do find yourself short of ideas for articles to write, just pop over to and have a look at what’s popular in whichever category you’re interested in, that should give you plenty of ideas.

If you are looking for real PLR articles my favorite to sources are here:

PLR Monthly

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about a new clickbank tool that I’m finding to be a HUGE time saver..

and later this week I’ll be setting up some free web 2.0 sitevideos for you, and a free report, so keep your eyes peeled..
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