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This is a case study from John Edwards, a student who took part in John Thornhill’s Masterclass in 2009. It is 100% unedited.

Name : John Edwards

Niche : eBay

Blog URL :

Website URL :

My history of trials and errors in the search for Internet success and freedom started some five years ago back in 2005, I had just had my fill of being the proverbial employee as most have just like you I dare say?

It all started when I searched Google for a small business plan that would enable me to work from home, l wanted freedom, and ownership of my own destiny?

I would buy business blueprint products time and time again that would all promise me “easy overnight success and wealth”, (yeah right) let me tell you right now there is no such thing, there is no magic pill PERIOD!

These programs where unrealistic to say the least, and I would constantly fall flat on my face unsuccessful and disheartened, feeling trapped I started to believe there was no hope, it was then I started searching for ways to start and grow a business on eBay but didn`t no where to start, I came across a young guy who was very successful at selling physical niche products and I spent around £535 for a twelve DVD course on how to do this, now to be fair this guys methods work 100% but redundancy came along and I couldn`t afford to buy all the stock to sell, little did I know though that what I learned from that course would kind of be the preparation for the success to follow!

You see all the heartache and stress I went through was a blessing in disguise, because I had learned far more than I realized and more importantly it created the right Mindset I needed to stay in the game!

With this attitude I sat back and thought long and hard until I realized that I had to find a way to start a very low cost business on the Internet that wouldn`t require large cash investments for buying stock in to sell, but how could I possibly achieve this, then it hit me I knew I had to look for a MENTOR someone who had definitively reached the lighthouse and avoided the rocks of failure, someone who knew what it takes from the offset to be an online success and presence and who runs a business with very low costs in overheads?

By this time I had reached 2009, it was late January and once again I was searching for my meal ticket to success in the form of a mentor, whilst looking through the search results the word “masterclass” caught my eye so I instinctively clicked on the website link, and on the page before me was a pitch page hosting the title “John Thornhills Marketing Masterclass” it was a pre-sell launch to recruit students to his course , and also on the page was an home made video of John driving to his home talking about his past and finding success with his business model and how the viewer can do the same, straight away I just knew this was the ticket to ride, I can`t explain it I just knew somehow I could relate to John?

John had all the airs about him of being forthright, honest and a dead cert as a MENTOR, but just as important I had noticed straight away that the overhead cost to this business was virtually zero, well that was the catalyst to me joining up his system just seemed so uncomplicated and straightforward I just had to be a part of it !

Now the course was scheduled for 36 weeks but by the end of it it ran into something like 42 weeks,and for the first time it was a pleasure to partake in studying a business model, the course was laid out week to week in easy to follow step by step video tutorials complimented with an introductory PDF, a fantastic format, John gives his students tasks to be completed over the week like I said via his videos, and the course was structured in 6 phases, and believe me YOU do see your business starting to take shape as you complete them!

Put it this way before John’s Masterclass, I didn’t`t know what a domain name was, I didn`t know much about hosting a website, I didn’t`t know about how to build a customer database, hell what’s a blog I didn’t`t have one a successful blog, but I do now, and I can do all these tasks and a great deal more, but the most important ingredient that John Thornhill taught me which was so vital to the success of my online business, and that was how to create my very own information product and guess what! I have done that successfully too!

There is so much more to John’s Masterclass, like traffic generation that is the lifeblood to your website’s, this also is so vitally important for success of your business you need buyers and John has taught me how to get them with different methods, and all of these buyers come *free*!

So there you have it, John Thornhill was the mentor I was looking for, he gave me the knowledge I needed to create a blog, the knowledge to create a product of my own, the knowledge to create my own sales page, a growing customer base for life, and everything he knows on driving hordes of buyers to your website’s, and guess what all you need to do then is repeat the whole process time and time again and grow your business, like I am doing right now. I have plans in place for this year I could only have dreamed of just one year ago, and I know the future holds great success for me!

This is what John Thornhills Marketing Masterclass is all about and more, this is the man that’s John Thornhill a genuine bloke who I cannot thank enough for showing me what it takes to be a genuine online success!

Thanks John…. John Edwards.

And to the reader, I hope you have taken stock of this message, and that is to never ever give up on your dreams they will be realized you just need the right MENTOR!

Sincere Regards

John Edwards.

John Thornhill’s Masterclass Launches at 3pm EST on Tuesday 26th January. This program only launches once per year and slots are extremely limited. Get on the early bird list, download your free report “Why You’ll Never Succeed Online” and see more case studies HERE" method="post" onsubmit="return sbmgValidateFormPostPg1('name','from')">
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Comment by Raymond
2010-01-24 07:00:33

:roll: rings a bell with a lot of us , trying to many things before you complete just one can confuse a newbie

Comment by admin
2010-01-24 09:48:15

it’s not just a problem for newbies Ray!


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