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When I was at the BritPack Seminar last week I met a guy called Randolf Smith who I ended up spending a lot of time chatting with over the weekend, we just seemed to connect as we have a similar outlook on life.

When Randy told me about about his ebook on goal setting, having a positive mental attitude and the Law of Atraction I knew I had a had to get a copy for myself as he has written it with an unusal angle, using a very simple metaphor, to make it easy to understand and use.

I just finished reading the book today and I think you will find it very useful!

With trying to make money online it’s very easy to get stuck on the “educating yourself” phase and not move on to taking action and actually using what you’ve learnt to start earning money, this book will help you take that next step and make use of the knowledge you have…

grab your copy now:

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Did you grab a copy of the 6 hour interview that Russell Bronsun did with the 28 year old guy who pulled in over $100 milli0n dollars in under 23 months selling a product that cost just $60 yet?

The price doubles tomorrow, and as it’s just $37 right now it’s worth grabbing a copy…

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