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After 8 weeks of waiting (and pushing the estate agents/realtors) I finally exchanged contracts on my house today, so I’m moving, at last! 🙂

If you’re not familiar with the UK house buying/selling process it’s a bit daft, as although I accepted an offer over 8 weeks ago, the sale doesn’t become a legally binding “done deal” until contracts are exchanged, which happened today, up until that point the buyor could have pulled out and I’d be left having to go through the whole process again, so I’m a “happy bunny”!

although I’ll be happier once the move is done and I’ve got my new office up and running in the new place, especially as I’m going to be without an internet connection for a couple of days(!!!), I guess I’ll just have to go and check out the local pubs to see which ones have wi-fi.. 🙂

I’m literally sat here in my office surrounded by boxes at the moment, I’d take a couple of photos to show you the chaos, but I’ve already packed the camera, so I better finish this email and get on with the rest of the packing!

so you’re probably wondering what has me confused…

Ewen Chia does.

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I better go, lots more packing to do, if you have any questions for me over the next few days, please bear in mind that it may take me a few days to get back to you with the move.

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